0xPAD Review: Providing Projects Support and Investment Opportunities to Users


Tier — Weight Mechanism


Early Access for All

Proper Vetting

Staking & Yield Farming

Platform Security

0xPAD Token

Distribution Details

  • Protocol Allocation: 50%
  • IDO Allocation: 12%, 100% Unlocked
  • Presale Allocation:10%, 10% Unlocked, 90% Locked
  • Partnership Allocation: 10%, 100% Locked
  • Future Development: 7%, 100% Locked
  • Liquidity Allocation: 6%, 100% Unlocked
  • Team Allocation: 3%, 100% Locked
  • Marketing: 2%, 100% Locked
  • Circulating Supply at TGE: The circulating supply right after TGE/IDO is 13,000,000.


IDO/Public Round


  • Secure: The platform employs multi-sig vaults for funds and robust transaction validation mechanisms. In addition, the platform has several layers of security checks configured.
  • Proper vetting: Projects that are supported go through a rigorous vetting process. The project’s team, as well as their expertise and track records, have been verified.
  • Code auditing: Most notably, 0xPad ensures that projects supported during their sale have their smart contract codes audited by a reputable third-party auditing company and by the 0xPad team internally.


  • Still in Development: Many project details are yet to be released, such as the roadmap and part of the website. Also, most of the features are not yet launched, including the upcoming token presale. However, as time goes by on, this might change.

Final Thoughts



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