6 NFT Projects You Should Know About in 2021

Non-fungible tokens are tokens based on the Ethereum network released to represent some digital piece of art. These tokens are unique in that each of them has special characteristics and cannot be exchanged 1 for 1. The launch of NFTs happened in 2017, and ever since then, the NFT creation world has vastly grown.

As digital assets, they aim to create scarcity and digital ownership. Moreover, they provide interoperability across multiple platforms. They are common in the art and games industry. Due to the vast Ethereum growth and wide adoption of the crypto world, with large companies like Tesla investing in BTC, digital assets have a massive opportunity. As such, investors should know which NFTs are most likely to shine in 2021.


The platform is community-driven and possesses unique features like flexible royalties, Rari rewards, auction functions, multiple minting, unlockable items, and many others.

The platform is also highly user-friendly. The users can easily create single and multiple collectibles, set the properties, details, and royalties to earn rewards.

The Falcon Project

  • The first chain is the ERC-20 (FNT), which is convenient and familiar to all of us, both users and developers.
  • The second chain is an NFT (Voucher), for the storage of which you will receive a guaranteed profit of up to 40% per annum in FNT tokens.
  • The third chain is the coin (FNC), which optionally allows performing anonymous transactions.

In addition, the Falcon Project provides a solution as Proof of Ownership for using NFT certificates for collectibles. The purpose of this platform’s introduction is to step into the rare collectible industry, comics, etc.

A unique QR code is embedded in each product, and when scanned, the blockchain stores the product. Since the NFTs represent ownership of these products, a user can claim rare collectibles any day.

The silver souvenir coin is the first proof of the Falcon ownership model, with the coin holders receiving an NFT certificate.

Async Network

In this network, users quickly buy masters and layers. Layers are components making up a master, while a master is an edition art piece. By controlling the layers, collectors control and possibly affect artist works.

The platform is quite user-friendly, with everything displayed well on the homepage. According to the Async web page, Async has already garnered over a bid volume of $5 million and artist sales of $1 million.


Their unique edge focuses on Human Expression & Media Experiences with unique utilities and allows users to earn from their content on a real-time basis. It provides opportunities for its users to earn from other options like staking and farming tokens, monthly platform rewards, free RARE-Exclusive NFTs and no-wait members only DROPs!

Among creators set to benefit highly include, artists, influencers, celebrities and performers who will benefit even from old and new content. It’s quite user friendly with a button that sends the user directly to connect their web3 wallets. Finally, with a robust roadmap that will include consulting, virtual land generation, streaming services and educational tools; ADOR is setting the stage to be a top contender in the METAVERSE industry.


The network ensures that all its collectibles are authentically created by the artists in the network and ultimately tokenized, making it easy to access them. The art therein is scarce but secured with the blockchain, thus provable and transparent.

The marketplace fees for this platform are charged at 3%, paid by the buyer. ETH is the main currency for payment in the SuperRare network. The process of signing up is easy and will require the users to connect with an Etherum wallet.

CryptoPunks from Larvalabs

Punks are some art images of 24x24 pixels, created like punky looking persons, apes, or aliens. Due to the blockchain base, users can be sure that only 10k punks are on the platform. Getting a punk is also relatively easy; you only need to follow the following steps;

  • Get Metamask and connect the platform to your wallet.
  • Buy some amount of Ether.
  • The Cryptopunks network will provide a plugin to bid, buy or sell punks directly from the ETH interface.

Final Word

Among the NFT projects to watch in 2021 include the six ones above. Platforms like Adors, SuperRare, Rarible, Async, and CryptoPunks mostly focus on art and collectibles and will also increase vastly in adoption. Also, Falcon will thrive in the industry by providing digital NFT certificates and vouchers. Digital certificates will be some form of immutable proof of ownership that most people will use.

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