A Breakdown of the Blockchain-based Social MMO Platform My Shiba Academia

My Shiba Academia is an online platform creating a social MMO with unique features of progression-based NFTs. The project launched in October 2021 as a real-time community-driven platform.

The mission behind the project is to make the NFT collection enjoyable. It adds a progression system that rises and goes lower on the tier within your NFT. The unique bit is that the NFTs have four tiers (student, Trainee, Hero, and Pro-Hero). They are randomized upon minting, but the tier can be increased by rerolling, increasing the value of your NFT, or decreasing it.

It introduces holders to an enjoyable challenge of improving their hero’s tier through paid progression. That doesn’t include the user option stat increases they can add on within the MMO.

The platform has plans to launch its token on ETH and BSC by the end of October 2021. By the end of November, we can expect the NFt collection to get minted on OpenSea. Other launches to look forward to are the dApp launch and the governance token airdrop to all MSA holders.

Features of MSA

$MSA Token

For ERC-20 and BEP-20 token holders, they can reroll NFTs and in-game purchases. The buy-back mechanism MSA has in place will burn the tokens that have accumulated constantly, which is why it’s hyper deflationary. Furthermore, holders will receive tokens for every sale and purchase they make.

One of its key features is its decentralized usage reward mechanism. It has a maximum supply of 5 billion tokens. We shall discuss the project’s native token later on.

Hero Swap/Dex

HERO SWAP is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to swap any ERC20 or BEP20 token for another. In addition, it is a bridge for you to convert your BSC $MSA tokens into ETH by converting them into our ETH contract and vice versa. As a start, the project will use the Uniswap and Pancakeswap DEXes to build a customized platform for storing both tokens.

With the dApp, there are several options to stake MSA Tokens. It can be against BNB, BUSD, ETH, USDC, and USDT. Another feature is the competitive APYs. They will compete with high Yield performing projects to be the ideal choice to stake tokens. However, they will allow a multitude of tokens, such as stable coins, to be staked on the Dapp the more the platform grows.

Shiba Heroes NFTs

As mentioned, My Shiba Academia (MSA) will soon allow the minting of heroes on Opensea. The heroes will be reroll to add on to their tier and rarity.

So far, the platform has confirmed that there will be 25,000 heroes available to mint. They will be in four tiers; student, trainee, hero, and pro-hero. There will be 10,000 students, 7,500 trainees,

Five thousand heroes and 2,500 pro-heroes are randomized upon minting. All heroes will be unique and consist of different animals such as Shiba Inu, Akita Inu, Kishu Inu, Hokkaidu Inu, Jando Inu and more!

A Hero’s Cape

The platform does not only offer tokens and NFTs. It has a merchandise e-commerce store — the store deals with clothing and accessories. The platform is partnering with reputable urban brands to develop the highest quality apparel for the community.

When the sales are made, 25% will go back to develop the project further. Community contests will take up 5%, while 10% will be injected into marketing. Based on community choice, another 10% will go to charity.

Hero Watch

The hero watch is the wallet tracker on MSA. It allows users to track their $MSA rewards. By tracking, they can see how many tokens are burned, check the wallet balance, check upcoming contests, and who won them.

The holders can also keep updated on the token interest they will receive from their staked $MSA. That’s not all. They can calculate the number of tokens they can make within specific time frames. By doing so, they can make an informed decision on the staking terms and the time frames.

Notably, the holder’s rewards will show a total balance of the portfolio, ETH and BSC price charts, the current USD value, and more.


The project’s MMO is available through Stainless Games. Through the partnership, the platform is converting ideas into reality through visual representation. MSA MMO is basing the heroes on a character progression system. Here, they will complete character advancement tasks and defend their academia from AI villains.

The games are very interactive and challenging, even for the most technical gamer with rerolling and stat progression through in-game purchases.

In-game features:

  • Rerolling: a progression system.
  • Hero Boost: Increases NFT base stats.
  • Lend a Hero: A loaning system for passive income.
  • Daily Governance Rewards: a task completion system that rewards holders in $MSA.

In the second version, the platform will introduce PVP gameplay. It will give other players the ability to steal your stats, provided they win a battle against you.

Values that MSA Prides in


MSA is fully decentralized and supported by its enthusiasts, who make up the community. It encourages open and free communication among the community of supporters. It allows full participation and community self-management.


In a sector that has been associated with money laundering and illegal activity, trust is paramount in the crypto sector. MSA is focused on bringing full transparency and trust to its community. Some measures include burnt liquidity tokens to eliminate malicious behaviour and conducting code auditing by a reliable source.


The project is set for the long term. The decentralized community fosters long-term ecosystem development. It results in actual use cases, more significant rewards, and popularity beyond common trends.

$MSA Token

The $MSA token is the project’s native token. 7% of every buy or sell transaction will be automatically added to the liquidity pools to establish and increase our floor support. To support the project’s development, 3% of every transaction will go to the marketing wallet.

Each time a transaction occurs, 2% of the proceeds will automatically be allocated to the buy-back of $MSA tokens. These tokens that are repurchased from the contract will automatically be sent to the burn address, significantly decreasing the supply and increasing the token’s value.

In addition, 3% of $MSA token rewards are granted to holders’ decentralized wallets only for each active user transaction, fostering a healthy distributed network. When $MSA is used actively, more prizes are given! $MSA token smart contract passed a full rating security audit, providing the community with further assurance of complete transparency. Here is a breakdown:

  • Uniswap/Pancakeswap: 60%
  • Token Allocation to Exchanges/Partnerships: 10%
  • Initial Supply Burned: 20%
  • Team Tokens: 10% (5% to owner wallet, which will be locked for six months, 2% Community and Events Leader, 2.5% to Media Relations Coordinator, and .5% to Moderation Team)

My Shiba Academia is a fully decentralized and community-driven project. The pools will increase significantly after combining both BSC and ETH liquidity via bridging.


  • Secure: The platform has been audited by Solidproof, a trusted audit platform. Its code is hence proven safe.
  • Easy Interface: The platform has an easy-to-use interface that is suitable even for beginners.
  • NFT Loaning System: the NFT loaning system is a passive income-driven protocol where NFT holders can loan NFT through cloning a guest.
  • KYC: The team has already gone through a KYC process; hence holders can be sure that they are legitimate.


Entirely New: The platform has only just started; hence most of the developments are still ongoing.

What Are We Expecting?

According to the roadmap, on 27th October 2021 at 5 PM UTC, there will be a presale on the DxSale platform. The project is also launching its NFT collection on OpenSea in November.

In 2022, the ETH and BSC bridge will be followed by initial CEX listings on Bilaxy, LBANK, and WhiteBit. The partnership with Stainless Games AMA will also take place around this time. By the end of Q2 of 2022, we will see the hero cap store launch and listing on both nowpayments.io and shopping.io.

You can find more information on MSA from:

Website: https://www.myshibaca.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayShiba

Telegram: https://telegram.me/PlayShiba

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