A Breakdown of the Blockchain-based Social MMO Platform My Shiba Academia

Features of MSA

$MSA Token

Hero Swap/Dex

Shiba Heroes NFTs

A Hero’s Cape

Hero Watch


  • Rerolling: a progression system.
  • Hero Boost: Increases NFT base stats.
  • Lend a Hero: A loaning system for passive income.
  • Daily Governance Rewards: a task completion system that rewards holders in $MSA.

Values that MSA Prides in




$MSA Token

  • Uniswap/Pancakeswap: 60%
  • Token Allocation to Exchanges/Partnerships: 10%
  • Initial Supply Burned: 20%
  • Team Tokens: 10% (5% to owner wallet, which will be locked for six months, 2% Community and Events Leader, 2.5% to Media Relations Coordinator, and .5% to Moderation Team)


  • Secure: The platform has been audited by Solidproof, a trusted audit platform. Its code is hence proven safe.
  • Easy Interface: The platform has an easy-to-use interface that is suitable even for beginners.
  • NFT Loaning System: the NFT loaning system is a passive income-driven protocol where NFT holders can loan NFT through cloning a guest.
  • KYC: The team has already gone through a KYC process; hence holders can be sure that they are legitimate.


What Are We Expecting?



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