An In-Depth Review of The Baby Floki Up Project

Community-driven tokens continue to emerge with specific goals in mind. Falling in the same category is Baby Floki Up (BFU) which originates from the Doge Family.

Like FLOKI or Shiba Inu, BFU is a crypto project built by worldwide fans. The project aims to operate as a source of money and bring wealth to the community. On top of that, BFU hopes to manage a workable ecosystem running on the buy-back mechanism.

Such functionalities present BFU as one of the strongest Doge members. Below, we evaluate some details that make up the BFU project.

Here’s what users can encounter in Baby Floki Up:

Buy-Back and Burning Mechanism

The buy-back mechanism involves a process whereby platforms take part in repurchasing their shares. The process usually takes place when there is an excessive supply of assets or shares. Baby Floki Up applies the same mechanism, which helps maintain a healthy system.

The tokens further undergo a burning procedure to lower the number of assets available in the market. Besides, BFU uses a 6% tax to conduct the automatic buy-back and burning process.

That way, the native token can maintain a stable price and provide an income source for investors.

KYC Verifications and Audit

The users’ security remains of top priority in Baby Floki Up. Hence, BFU’s system underwent an auditing assessment that looks for errors within a project’s code. Auditing also ensures that the project’s transaction system functions without fail or delay.

An additional Know Your Customer process is available on the platform’s network. KYC procedures allow BFU to monitor for any dishonest financial dealings. It counters this issue by introducing a system that verifies every user’s identity.

In the end, BFU can deal with several financial crimes such as fraud and money laundering. Generally, KYC and auditing processes help boost BFU’s trust with potential investors. Every auditing and KYC verification procedure on BFU was made possible by SolidProof.

A Reward Program Under a Sustainable Platform

Being a project powered by the community, BFU hopes that investors can maximize their investments. Thus, BFU sets aside a 2% tax which covers the automatic reward program. Users can realize more returns as the token’s value continues to rise. Holding more BFUs also enables users to receive multiple rewards.

The project intends to serve its users and perform every activity needed while observing the environment. BFU believes in taking a greener approach to work with and build a profitable business. As such, it allocates 2% to the background team responsible for overseeing all actions.

Marketing Activities and Partnerships

BFU admits that the project’s success is achievable with several marketing strategies. For that reason, the platform dedicates 4% of its taxes to fund the marketing development. Some of the channels BFU plans to use for marketing include Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Discord.

In terms of partnerships, the platform is teaming up with notable platforms in the crypto space. The partners include Binance Smart Chain, PancakeSwap, CoinMarketCap. CoinGecko, and many more.

A Safe Contract

BFU assures users that the project’s contract is safe from any form of errors. In essence, the contract doesn’t support a mint or sell/buy function. Furthermore, Deployers in the contract cannot attempt rug pools or adjust the transaction charges.

Token Distribution

Baby Floki Up has a total token supply of 1000,000,000,000,000 under the BFU ticker symbol. The buying and selling charges take up a 14% fee. 50% of the allocation accounts for the presale event, while the liquidity uses 37.5%.

Marketing and airdrop rewards use 5% and 3.5% of the total distribution. Finally, the team and platform fees account for 4% of the token supply. It is important to note that the community drives close to 90% of the project’s tokens.

The Blockchain Network in Use

Baby Floki Up runs on the Binance Smart Chain network. Using BSC provides several benefits for potential investors. An affordable transaction charge is one advantage that the blockchain network offers.

Asides from that, transactional processes occur in a fast manner. BSC also supports a bridging solution that moves digital assets from one chain to another. Such a network assists users in making their transactions conveniently and more cheaply.

Future Expectations

BFU hopes to complete several goals by the end of Q3, 2022. At press time, the project is working on listing with CoinMarketCap and other centralized exchanges. It further plans to launch on PancakeSwap and complete the protocol’s structure. Before the end of 2021, BFU targets to reward 15,000 holders investing with the platform.

Marketing campaigns are set to continue all through until the second quarter of 2022. Additional CEX listings and partnerships are also on the project’s 2022 planner. Several donations and giveaways may start in the middle of 2022. At the end of next year, BFU expects to sort out 190,000 rich holders.

Final Word

The crypto space is experiencing an increase in digital asset investment products. Every platform provides users with specific solutions which usually promote financial liberation. In BFU, users can generate rewards and experience the advantages of a buy-back mechanism. The repurchase and burn procedure ensures that the platform’s digital token remains in check.

Reducing the number of tokens in supply enables the asset’s value to grow. That way, investors can expect more rewards from an asset that could rise in prices with time.

The project is also focusing on operating with an environmentally friendly ecosystem. Hence, allocating a portion of the total supply to the team will help BFU to walk towards a greener path. For more information and updates, check out BFU on:




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