Apollo Currency Review: The All-in-One Cryptocurrency

What is Apollo?

The Apollo Solution

Apollo’s Current Features

  1. Monetary system — This system will allow users of Apollo to create their currencies or tokens instantly. They can then use these currencies to trade privately on the decentralized exchange or other external ones. Apollo provides backing, which offers the coins an instant tangible value. This system is, therefore, ideal for ICOs/IEOs/STOs, finance, escrows, and crowd-funding.
  2. Blockchain file system — The blockchain file storage system allows users to store files in the data cloud, where they are stored and available for retrieval and publishing. Once a user uploads files to the cloud, they get a timestamp for the data, which ensures the security of the information. The timestamp could come in handy in legal documents such as contracts. The file storage system is suitable for medical records, voting, permits, among other vital documents.
  3. Asset system — This system allows users to issue tokens that represent private and public equities, as well as real-world commodities like shares, bonds, and derivatives. Users get to trade these tokens on the exchange with 100% privacy.
  4. Alias system — The Apollo alias system allows you to encrypt a specific set of text by creating a unique alias. You can only claim a specific alias once and use it for your account number, website, email address, or any other text you deem essential. Once you request an alias, you can sell it either publicly or privately and transfer it to another account.
  5. Decentralized marketplace — Users in the market get to buy, sell, and trade physical and digital goods using the Apollo currency. The decentralized nature will allow for untraceable trading of any item, whether local or international.
  6. Encrypted messaging — Apollo is quite big on privacy, and this feature will allow users to send and receive messages securely on the blockchain. Together with the Olympus protocol, IP masking will ensure that messages and data files from one account to another are untraceable.
  7. Voting system — users on the blockchain can create either private or public polls. They can then use the polls to direct and manage funds from an account or gauge the public opinion on something. This system could be quite useful in collecting valuable and verified responses from designated sources.

Apollo Currency

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