Creating a Network of Creative Artists Explained



  • 90% -To the artist(s) behind the artwork
  • 4%- Sent to the creator of the NFT
  • 3%- Distributed to ART Holders
  • 3%-Treasury Team

Key Features of the NFT Marketplace

  • NFT Mining/ Minting- On the marketplace, selected artists can create NFTs via mining or minting. Once mined, artists set the selling price of their artistic creation with the market determining the final buying price of each art piece.
  • Artwork Selection- The marketplace consists of art professionals who help in the selection of outstanding artworks.
  • Multilingual Support- The marketplace integrates several languages, including English and Spanish, supporting a global audience.
  • Personalized Spaces- users are offered their personalized space to develop their gallery of favorite works and artists.
  • Interoperability- The marketplace is technically integrated with other platforms within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, ensuring maximum compatibility with other technologies.
  • Unique Means of Consuming Digital Content- The marketplace creates a different means of consuming digital content via unique experiences, 3D tours, and special releases for artists looking to enhance their projection and promotion of artistic projects in art channels and the public. The marketplace essentially creates value prepositions in artistic creations to benefit artists, creators, and professionals greatly.

The Art Token

  • Governance- ART token holders are offered a green light to participate in decision-making within the project via a community co-governance system.
  • Value- ART tokens can be used in investments to attract value plus be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies on supported crypto exchanges. Besides, ART token holders receive a percentage of the transaction value of artistic work sold via the marketplace.
  • Staking- The platform looks to implement staking where users can hold Art tokens on the platform for a particular period and earn passive income in the form of staking returns.

Tokenomics and Supply

Token Distribution

  • 60%- Burned periodically to enhance the value of the token
  • 32%-Traded among the community of artists, art traders, and collectors.
  • 8%- Transferred to a team wallet for use in the maintenance and work of Art Army

Final Words



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