ART HAUS To Help Artists Transition to NFTs through Its Artist Residency Program

Art Haus recently announced its Artists in Residence program aimed at helping artists manoeuvre the NFT market. According to the platform’s announcement, Art Haus will guide artists from minting their tokenized art all through to selling them successfully. The platform also said that registration for the program, dubbed DROP N.1, is now open.

The platform will help artists explore art NFT ideas, while the promising ones will showcase their work through research, podcasts, and other ways. Via this platform, artists will access the world of art NFTs by minting and selling them remotely.

The ART HAUS Artist Residency Program

The artist residency program will help upcoming and experienced artists, curators, and collectors easily surf the world of art NFTs. The artists will get a chance to showcase their work through podcasts, research, private viewings, and other similar ways.

This initiative will also provide a valuable insight into the creative art world, where collectors will learn what motivates their favourite artists. This program adds value to the whole NFT market since it allows the collectors to understand the cultural significance of their artists’ works.

Artists’ Protections

There are many reasons why ART HAUS is a worthy residency home for artists. The first one is that it guarantees complete sovereignty and freedom to an artist over their creations. It also has smart contracts that track to ensure that the digital rights of its users are intact. The NFTs will also have the artists’ brands, assuring the collectors that their collections are free from duping.

Earn from NFT Auctions

The ZORA protocol-powered auctions are one of the core components of the ART HAUS NFT platform. Here, the artists will sell their work through auctions, which will provide collectors with many opportunities to obtain a unique NFT. These auctions will also help artists to make the highest possible sales from their collections. The registration for the upcoming DROPN.1 auction is already ongoing.

The Residual Commissions

ART HAUS artist residency program also has a residual commissions feature. This feature allows the artists to use the latest development in secondary royalties, unlike other platforms where artists only honour them locally. This feature adds value to the residency program since many artists have extensive collections of NFTs that progressively change collectors’ hands.

The Curatorship Feature

Each artist who enrols for the residency program will join the curatorship program, which will allow them to earn half of the 15% ART HAUS fee.

How to Register for the ART HAUS Artist Residency Program

ART HAUS now has its first artist in their new project. Nicholas Keays is the first artist to enrol in this program and features an ART HAUS podcast that discusses his art and the process behind his works. Follow this link to join in and enjoy the full benefits of the residency program like Keays.

ART HAUS is an NFT platform that helps artists, curators, and collectors navigate the art NFT market. This platform is determined to nurture artists from minting tokens to successful sales amid the new trend of old galleries exploring NFTs.

The main objective of ART HAUS is to make web3 more accessible to countless galleries that are relying on web2. ART HAUS brings the best protocols like manifold creator and Zora Auction House to the web platforms that galleries are already using. Visit ART HAUS’ social media handles on Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and Github for more info.

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Crypto Adventure gives you the best of the crypto space in one place. Get constant crypto news, guides & reviews.

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