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As more people look into NFTs, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies, a new initiative is about to launch — MetaDog. MetaDog combines animal lovers, gaming, and NFTs to bring an immersive experience to users.

Players can participate in “play-to-earn” tournaments for rewards and breed their dogs using this technology. Through its deflationary model, MetaDog aims to increase its token value over time. The project’s success will largely depend on how users interact with different games and activities.

This article aims to overview what MetaDog is, how it works, and its various features. Finally, we will look into the roadmap for this project and what the future holds for MetaDog.

Understanding the MetaDog Concept

It’s important to note that MetaDog is a platform where users can breed, raise and trade digital puppies. In other words, players can buy digital puppies (NFTs) stored on the blockchain and use them in the game world.

The maximum amount of MetaDog NFTs will be equal to 10,000. However, only 2,244 NFTs will be available to mint initially, while the rest will come from breeding.

Moreover, MetaDog’s underlying blockchain technology ensures all digital puppies are 100% owned by their owners, creating a fair gaming experience.

And with skill-based gameplay and unique virtual asset inventories, MetaDog promises to set its mark in the gaming industry.

Relying on NFT Technology

There are several reasons why NFTs and the gaming industry have grown so much in the past few years.

First, NFTs are shaping to be a revolutionary way to trade assets, collectibles, and digital art using blockchain technology. This means that users can fully own their digital items and use them for various purposes.

Second, NFTs offer a wide range of gaming experiences. For example, in the MetaDog world, users can collect and breed these digital puppies and participate in tournaments for rewards.

Finally, NFTs offer users a platform to monetize their skills or items through trading or staking. This could represent an additional revenue stream for many players that want to make a living out of gaming.

The Popular P2E Model

The team expects to appeal to a large crypto and animal lovers community through its Play-to-Earn (P2E) feature. Before proceeding, let us clarify the meaning of P2E.

P2E is a model that rewards players with real-world currency or assets for completing certain tasks in the game. This could range from participating in tournaments to performing challenging raids or even just winning minigames against other players.

MetaDog will launch PvP (Player vs. Player) tournaments with various rewards, which the community will find out soon. Most tournaments will reward the best gamers with $MDOG, the platform’s native token.

Who will win the tournament? The answer will vary depending on the players’ skill, the rarity of their NFTs, and other factors. For instance, an early-minted MetaDog might have an advantage in a tournament that rewards players by rarity.

Once the project’s ecosystem fully launches, the MetaDog universe will feature more minigames, including an open-world mode.

Introducing Deflation into the Ecosystem

Every time you buy or sell $MDOG, the system will apply a 10% tax on your transaction. This is because this cryptocurrency belongs to the big family of deflationary tokens.

A simple way to explain deflationary cryptocurrencies is to picture a cake. The total supply of tokens is like the size of our cake. Every time someone buys or sells a token, a piece of this cake will cease to exist.

This means that the total number of tokens left in circulation will decrease, thus making them even more valuable. This is a common strategy in the crypto world. The move aims to introduce an implicit “price floor” that should help maintain the price of a token.

Building a Competitive Advantage

What is this project’s competitive advantage? By looking at MetaDog’s whitepaper, you can find a section dedicated to this matter. MetaDog is unique in its “NFT + DeFi” model, attempting to create a new economy within the gaming environment.

This means that players can buy and sell MetaDog puppies in an open market for profit. In this new GameFi economy, players can take advantage of the MetaDog’s smart contract functions to gain token rewards.

This model allows users to play games and not only have fun but potentially benefit from it financially. This approach differs from other NFT gaming platforms that require players to put money into the game to gain rewards.

Ultimately, MetaDog’s competitive advantage lies in its potential to create a new economy within the gaming environment. This vision aims to be both profitable and fun for everyone who participates.

The Tokenomics of MetaDog

Besides the transaction taxes and its deflationary nature, there are other things you should know about $MDOG. Perhaps the most important is the way the MetaDog founders chose to distribute the token within the community:

  • Presale and launch: these operations will have the largest supply of tokens at 60%. Consequently, most of the MetaDog tokens will go directly to the public.
  • Presale whitelist: 10% of MDOG tokens are going to those joining the project’s Presale whitelist. The strategy allows them to benefit from early investments while ensuring a reasonable token distribution among experts and fans.
  • Private sale: 20% of MDOG tokens will go to the Private sale round. This will allow early adopters to gain access to tokens and provide resources for the project’s development.
  • Team: 5% of MDOG tokens are going to the MetaDog team, locked for up to 3 years. This vesting strategy serves to guarantee the team’s long-term dedication to the project.
  • Marketing: 5% of MDOG tokens are funding marketing activities. The strategy aims to increase the project’s awareness among the public.

Working to Achieve True Decentralization

Every crypto enthusiast knows how many debates happen each day on decentralization.

MetaDog is making a concerted effort to decentralize its gaming platform. The team’s whitepaper mentions that true decentralization is the core philosophy of MetaDog. The team aims to reach complete decentralization in all aspects of the project.

The team also admits that, at first, a degree of centralization will be necessary. This is because the founders will work to establish protocols, market the project and launch it. Centralization is understandable in the early stages, but it will not last forever.

The project’s ultimate goal is to give its community a fully decentralized platform, allowing users to control its destiny. This initiative will gradually evolve into a community-governed project with token holders having a say on all major decisions.

Outlining the Roadmap

The project’s roadmap can be informative and a good way to keep track of its progress. While it’s good to look at the many accomplished milestones, it’s probably even better to focus on what’s next.

Specifically, the closest milestone is the launch of the $MDOG token in December 2022. Afterward, we should see four different MetaDog games going live in January 2023.

At this point, the team will be able to measure the success of this project and begin creating a community.

In April 2023, the team will launch its open-world game, which should catalyze market traction. Finally, in May 2023, the team will unveil the V2 of its token and officially release an open-world game.

These are all important milestones that should give us a good indication as to how well the project is doing. Overall, the ambition of this roadmap should give us an idea of how far the project has come. Most importantly, the roadmap is a compass expressing where MetaDog wants to go in the future.

Bottom Line — A Platform to Enjoy Crypto and Dogs Together

The market will soon have the chance to judge the success that MetaDog will achieve. The project is an ambitious endeavor, and investors will keep an eye on this new initiative.

The project has prepared itself to tackle all obstacles of the current crypto bear market. The team strives to make its platform as safe, fair, and transparent as possible.

Do you wish to learn more about MetaDog? Refer to its website, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channels.

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