BabyShibaCoin Review: The Latest Ethereum Based Meme Token

BabyShibaCoin Features

100% Community Owned

Marketing Wallet

Liquidity Locking

5% Tax

Pinksale’s KYC

Audit by InterFi



Presale Details

BabyShibaCoin Pros

  • Low Price: The price of a crypto trading asset is highly essential. It plays a crucial role in helping the trader use the percentage change to track the gains depending on the number of coins purchased. Its low price will allow users to accumulate tokens before its price shoots up.
  • BabyShibaCoin is an ERC-20 token: The crypto runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, Ether’s proposal to move to the proof-of-stake protocol might also prove beneficial in this regard.
  • It is a meme token entirely governed by the community.
  • Secure: the token is audited by InterFi, and Pinksale has carried out a KYC. Even though the project has undergone KYC scans, they have yet to provide a list of team members on their website. Hopefully, the project’s creators will consider including their names on the website soon.

BabyShibaCoin Roadmap Review

Final Thoughts



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