Bittrex Global Lists ECOchain (ECOC), A Fully Permissionless & Decentralized Project

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Bittrex Global has taken the initiative to further push ECOchain with the current listing on its exchange platform. As of July 17th, ECOC coin traders have the courtesy of trading with two pairs — ECOC/BTC and ECOC/USDT.

ECOchain frames itself as a full permissionless, decentralized, environment-friendly, and as a secure public chain handling fast transactions at cheaper costs. The platform believes that it is crucial to achieving true decentralization to build trust between itself and concurrent customers.

After ten months of it being online, is now proud to have the third listing since its creation. MXC and Boboo are the other exchanges that have taken ECOchain to a new market audience.

Bittrex Listing To Push ECOC A Step Closer to Achieving Long-term Goals

A recent statement by an ECOchain representative stated, “In future economic market system development, ECOC aimed to fully explore the advantages of the blockchain and reconstitute the economic ecosystem by utilizing traditional economic market systems. ECOC’s price stabilization can achieve decentralized ecosystems that are efficient, fast, economical, and friendly, and at the same time, more people can realize healthy and reliable market development and incentives.”

To achieve this, ECOchain is focusing on three sections, including checking monetary policy response time, ECOC coin movement by users within markets, and finally, overall response to the factors.

The endgame is focusing on stability in the coin market prices while ensuring the eradication of price stagnations. In the early stages of a coin’s introduction to the market, the team has put to mind that price stability is hard to reach. However, through three regulation measures, their objectives are not far in sight. These include:

  • Utilizing Proof of Stake algorithms in rewarding users on the official platform which is a long term approach on the final coin flow
  • The medium quantity approach, which involves arbitration of money circulations inducing hope simultaneously with volume changes
  • Lastly, a prompt plan by selling and buying directly from the exchange to achieve a stable standing

About ECOChain

ECOchain has achieved high speeds of 560 transactions per second with a block production at 32 seconds. It further runs under Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM) built to handle smart contracts. This element goes on to provide a knowledge hub for all users.

Bitcoin’s algorithms help the system achieve an easy to use interface for developers and businesses. A genuinely decentralized chain enables possibilities in building dApps, hence, off-chain transactions in the end. Blackcoin instills Account Abstract Layer Proof of Stake capabilities in the platform. The allows EVM and Bitcoin blockchains to work hand in hand.

ECOchain seeks to accomplish a steady and friendly ecosystem, monitoring the possibilities of working under blockchain technology. It aims to handle the increasing number of people getting into digital assets ownership, hence a growing market potential. Embracing a new market model while ensuring the manipulation of traditional market structures is all part of the plan.

Originally published at on July 19, 2020.

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