ViuBank — Leveraging Fixed Deposit Receipt in the Crypto Banking World

Living the ViuBank Experience

Step 1 — Open Your Account

Step 2 — Verify Your Identity

Step 3 — Fund Your Account

Step 4 — Learn About ViuBank’s Product Offer

  • Transfer funds: you can send your money to someone else on ViuBank or an external account. While the first operation is immediate, the second one may require a couple of days.
  • Choose your fixed deposit receipt plan: the offering of fixed deposit plans represents the core of ViuBank’s services.

A Practical Example

  1. You select the 365-day plan because you feel it fits your risk profile better among the different options.
  2. You click on “Apply Now” and decide to use $20,000 to increase your capital.
  3. ViuBank promises that you will receive $200 (i.e., 1%) each day until the plan expires.
  4. After 365 days, you will receive the last interest payment and your initial $20,000 capital.

ViuBank — Our Conclusions



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