Buffed Shiba Review: Targeting Fairness in the Cryptoverse

In any crypto ecosystem, holders of large chunks of a token’s supply, commonly known as whales, have significant control of the cryptocurrency’s market and the ability to manipulate its price, often at the expense of smaller investors. Even the most corrupt regimes in the world cannot manipulate the value of their currencies in the forex markets the way that whales can do with crypto.

Buffed Shiba ($BSHIB) is a new project that seeks to address the unfair influence wielded by whales on the crypto ecosystem and protect blue-collar investors from the volatility they cause.

Buffed Shiba is a Shiba Inu-inspired, community-driven cryptocurrency created with the principle of fairness for all investors, big or small, at its core. $BSHIB, a BEP20 token, grants investors access to multiple platforms on BSC while protecting smaller ones by limiting the number of tokens held by individual wallets. This limit is capped at no more than 0.5% of the token’s total supply per wallet.

The $BSHIB smart contract is based on the Binance Smart Chain and has undergone rigorous audits and security checks to create a fair, safe and secure environment for both its investors and holders.

Features of Buffed Shiba

Deflationary Mechanisms

$BSHIB is deflationary in nature, with 1% of each transaction getting burned. Since its launch on October 25, about 5.3 trillion of the token’s total supply has been burned.

Another 1% of each transaction automatically gets added to liquidity. These liquidity provider tokens are also similarly burned. The burning mechanism is intended to reduce the total volume of tokens in circulation and subsequently increase the value of $BSHIB.


Buffed Shiba allows a wallet to hold only a maximum of 0.5% of the token’s entire 100 trillion supply. This limitation is a mechanism meant to deter whales from hogging the $BSHIB supply.

While the token’s ownership has not been renounced by its developers yet, they plan to do so soon. This renunciation will give the Buffed Shiba community actual control of the project.

Token Distribution

Another feature of $BSHIB is that there was no presale, which traditionally benefits the token’s owners and whales. 100% of the tokens were used for liquidity, with everything going to public investors.

100% of Buffed Shiba’s initial liquidity is locked in Unicrypt LP. Not a single token was distributed to its team, advisors or put on a private sale.

$BSHIB attracts a transaction tax of 7%, which is split into three. 1% gets burned, another 1% goes into auto liquidity and also gets burned, and the final 5% is allocated to marketing.

Buffed Shiba Tokenomics

$BSHIB’s total supply stands at 100 trillion, with about 5.3 trillion of it already burned. As stated earlier, 100% of the Buffed Shiba supply was made available to the public during the token’s fair launch on Pancakeswap. $BSHIB currently has a market cap just north of $1.3 million, with a unit valued at $0.0000000140298777 or 0.000000000022 BNB.


The Buffed Shiba development team divided the token’s evolution into three phases. The first phase saw $BSHIB successfully launched on the Binance Smart Chain network. The team then went through a KYC (Know Your Client) process while the $BSHIB smart contract was taken through a security audit. Afterwards, the project embarked on its first marketing campaign, culminating with a $BSHIB listing on both CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

The next phase of Buffed Shiba’s evolution began with revamping the project’s website, followed by a second marketing campaign.

NFT Airdrops: Buffed Shiba Billionaire’s Club

As part of the development and added utility of $BSHIB, this second phase in the Buffed Shiba roadmap will culminate with the airdropping of free NFTs that will become the access card to an exclusive club.

Slated for November 24, the exclusive NFT airdrop will reward users holding the $BSHIB token with access to its Buffed Shiba Billionaires Club (BBC). This club will be divided into three tiers of exclusivity: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each level will give holders special privileges in upcoming updates of specific play-to-earn games and exclusive access to select content and future airdrops of NFT collectibles.

NFT collectibles are unique items created on blockchain for anyone to acquire. They are usually limited and can sell for considerable amounts because of their uniqueness and scarcity. By adding this dimension through the NFT airdrops, the Buffed Shiba dev team will significantly increase $BSHIB’s utility value.

To participate in the free airdrop, community members will be required to hold a certain amount of $BSHIB, which will qualify them for one of the three tiers of the BBC. For instance, to get into the Bronze tier, you will need to hold at least one billion $BSHIB. Ten billion $BSHIB will give you access to the Silver tier, and 100 billion $BSHIB will open the door to the Gold tier.

Exclusive BBC Giveaway

As part of their membership launch, Buffed Shiba plans to push incentives for all $BSHIB holders. Every member of the Buffed Shiba community will be eligible to take part in an exclusive giveaway contest with the chance to win real-life high tier prizes.

And as the Buffed Shiba project develops further, its dev team plans to make the features and benefits available as rewards for a $BSHIB membership even better.

Apart from the highly anticipated NFT airdrop, Buffed Shiba also plans to publish workout music and organize weekly meme contests for its community.

More importantly, the Buffed Shiba team also plans a renouncement of ownership as the final step in its roadmap. This act will ensure that the project truly becomes community-driven.


The Buffed Shiba team would do well to provide more information on its website, especially on the key people behind the project. And being a late entrant into the meme-inspired crypto space, $BSHIB will undoubtedly face stiff competition from the more established tokens like Dogecoin in its core function.

That being said, Buffed Shiba has the potential to be a good investment, especially considering the benefits holders could derive from the upcoming free airdrops. The fair nature of the $BSHIB token could also make it quite attractive, especially to small investors looking to grow their crypto portfolios.

So, with November 24 around the corner, it could be the right time to purchase Buffed Shiba and join the wait for the upcoming free NFT airdrop and membership into the $BSHIB Billionaires Club.

For more information about Buffed Shiba, the planned NFT airdrop, and the BBC, check out the following social media links:

Website: https://www.buffedshiba.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BuffedShiba

Telegram: https://t.me/BuffedShiba

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/A86eDvNt

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