Checkdot Introduces First Blockchain Platform For Securing Opinions On Crypto Projects

How it Works

  • Services for users. Checkdot’s first flagship component is a tool for servicing the users. The average users offer opinions to the Checkdot network using the guidelines provided. They will validate a form that rates businesses on a score. As a result of their opinion, they will receive CDT coins.
  • Services for businesses. Crypto businesses will register and get reviews and verification. But, the business must stake a CDT reward pool to encourage users to voice their opinions. They also provide a link where the community can join the form, verify and earn rewards.
  • Services for external users. The third kind of service offered is that aimed towards the external users. External users can search for reviews on search engines. They can access the Checkdot reviews, which will help them understand the project.

Checkdot Tokens

The Products

Business Rating Protocol Verification

  • Restricted rating and verification systems with a maximum of 5 ratings
  • Unlimited duration verifications which have no restrictions. After every ten ratings, this verification system creates a validation pool.

Smart Contract Audit Protocol Verification

Rare Object Verification

Audit and KYC

Benefits and Downside

  • Shield investors from poor decisions caused by lacking reliable information.
  • Protect investors from scams
  • Rewarding people for their share in reviewing and providing verifications on a business

Final Word



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