Eco-Friendly Cloud Mining with F2Hash

Cloud mining has become the go-to investment option currently, due to its profitability and stability. It works by allowing users to mine cryptocurrencies through their devices such as mobile phones and laptops. These are connected through a cloud platform to a mining facility.

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are decentralized form of digital currencies which are created through the mining process. Bitcoin mining involves verifying transactions and adding them to the blockchain. Miners are rewarded new bitcoins for the transactions verified. This process requires huge computational power and thus one requires special mining equipment such as ASICs and powerful graphic cards.

Cloud mining is an alternative method to mine crypto. It involves renting services of mining companies with mining facilities that can be accessed through a cloud-based platform. Users can therefore mine bitcoin remotely through their phones or laptops.

With the desire to go green and minimize electricity expenses, mining companies are now utilizing solar energy to power their rigs. This, of course, is tied to the geographic location of the facilities since it requires areas with ample sunshine.

F2Hash provides low-cost cloud mining option through their facilities which are solar powered. The facilities are located in Sao-Paulo, Brazil and they house state-of-the-art mining equipment such AntMiner and Avalominer Asics. The extreme sunshine hours combined with over 60000 watts of solar energy reduces mining costs to a bare minimum and hence maximum profitability while being eco-friendly.

F2Hash provides various mining contracts ranging from 50$ to 30,000$ with a contract period of one year. The return on investment is relatively short owing to the high profitability of the platform. There is also a free mining package to enable one get started with mining easily. The packages differ in hash rate (hashes per second) based on the equipment used. The higher the hash rate, the more the returns.

How to start mining

Simply register your account and select your package of choice. You can start with the free plan or purchase a plan. The plan will be activated immediately and you will receive your first earnings in 24 hours. You can then keep monitoring your earnings on the intuitive dashboard. The dashboard displays projected earnings for the day, month or year. To withdraw your funds, simply click on the withdraw button and select to wallet/bank account. Users also earn extra through the sign-up bonuses and referrals.

For any query about the services offered, you can email support and a representative will get back to you immediately. There is also detailed information on the website at on all about eco-friendly mining.

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