Crypter Review — The Social Network for Crypto Enthusiasts Everywhere

Crypter Review — The Social Network for Crypto Enthusiasts Everywhere

Crypter is a Facebook-like platform that brings together decentralized finance (DeFi) and social media into one highly-engaging ecosystem. The project seeks to develop into the social network that the cryptosphere is lacking.

The blockchain evolution has spurred various crypto, and DeFi uses. And each of these applications has its own community of fans and users. For instance, the cryptosphere consists of yield farmers, crypto traders, NFT collectors, and more. Unfortunately, the venue that would bring them together is missing.

Here is where Crypter steps in to provide a platform for crypto enthusiasts and beyond. This article discusses the project, its features, tokenomics, and roadmap.

What is Crypter?

Crypter is a growing ecosystem aiming to provide tools to help with our daily crypto life. The project takes pride in being the first of its kind to launch an Engage-to Earn reward system with 8% $BUSD rewards.

This platform looks to attract all crypto lovers, regardless of their reasons for using cryptocurrencies. For instance, users can share their gains and losses or flex their NFTs. Alternatively, they can create private groups, engage with friends, and join a larger crypto community.

Soon, Crypter will be more than just a social network. A part of its mission is to deliver the crypto instruments that users need every day. For example, the ecosystem will host multiple platforms, and it even commissioned a game, which is currently in development.

Crypter also has a native token, $CRYPT, which users will need to access its products. Furthermore, once all the platforms are up and running, Crypter will launch an Ad Network. This feature will be similar to Google Ads and Facebook ads. Most importantly, it will generate income that the platform will redirect towards rewards and the project’s development funds.

Lastly, Crypter will create a safe environment for its active communities. This way, users will quickly spot potential scams and rug pulls.

Crypter Features

The Crypter Network will reward all its active participants. For instance, users will get rewards for posting, liking, sharing, or commenting on content from their profile. Furthermore, they can join the platform to discuss trading tactics or interact with crypto influencers. Here, newbie traders will meet veteran crypto users. Above all, Crypter will not harvest their personal data. Instead, it will only keep track of clicks and impressions.

To achieve its goals, Crypter has several features in the plan, such as:

Chain Quest

Chain Quest is a skill-based fighting game that Crypter has commissioned. Its characters include popular crypto tokens, such as Shiba Inu, Safemoon, FEG Token, HOGE, DOGE, and Binance Coin. However, users will need $CRYPT tokens to play the game and unlock avatars. Lastly, the game will bring together growing crypto communities, such as DeFi and GameFi.

This tool is similar to and will cater to the crypto community and its developers. Also, it will enable many upcoming projects to gain visibility and build a following. Above all, Crypter users will access it for the latest news and info about blockchain ventures, social media, and contest links.

Online Marketplace

Crypter is building an online marketplace where participants can purchase various goods using $CRYPT or other cryptocurrencies. Also, the platform will integrate Crypter Pay, a payment processor supporting safe and quick transactions. People will be able to buy physical Crypter merchandise, t-shirts, action figures, NFTs, and more within this marketplace.

Crypter Wallet

One of the most anticipated Crypter features is the platform’s proprietary wallet. This tool will enable users to hold, manage, and trade cryptocurrencies from one secure dashboard. Also, the wallet will include an NFT tracker and a P2P service.

Lastly, Crypter is working on other essential features, including a portfolio tracker, a contest platform, and a crypto-focused search engine. Most importantly, the project team wants to create an educational platform to help participants invest safely in digital assets. The Crypter University will feature tutorials and other learning tools.


$CRYPT, is a hyper-deflationary token that helps users earn rewards for engaging within the Crypter ecosystem.

The platform will redistribute 8% of all transactions to the rewards pool and from there among $CRYPT holders. Another 3% of transactions will go towards marketing and project development. Lastly, the team will use 4% of the transactions to buy back $CRYPT tokens, which will burn.


Crypter launched in Q3 of 2021, and it has progressed remarkably fast ever since. The project team built the beta platform, released the Crypter website, and kick-started the marketing campaign. Above all, the project obtained successful audits from CertiK and Bitrise.

In November 2021, Crypter was a sponsor and exhibitor at the Blockchain Economy Expo in Dubai.

Next, Crypter is looking to launch the first line of merchandise and the demo for the Chain Quest game. Later, the team will invest all its time and efforts in developing the many platforms in the Crypter ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Crypter proposes a unique concept that combines social networking, decentralized finance, gaming, and more. If the project reaches its ambitious goal, it should represent the go-to venue for crypto enthusiasts everywhere. We will follow its development closely.

For more information about Crypter, please follow the links below:

| Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Discord| Facebook | Instagram |



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