CryptoPositive LLC- An Effective Way to Leverage Cryptocurrency for Charitable Contributions

About CryptoPositive, LLC

Essential Utilities of Crypto Positive

  • Encephalon Wellness Services
  • (website)
  • Virtual Wellness Center
  • Discord Wellness Service
  • NFTs and NFT Marketplaces
  • Play2Give/Play2Earn
  • Staking
  • Token Support Services

The CPTX Token

  • Holders: 8% in the form of USDT
  • Charity wallet: 5%
  • CPTX Burn and Buyback: 4%
  • Operational expenses: 3%
  • Liquidity pool: 2%
  • 17% went to the liquidity pool
  • 17% went to the charity wallet for purposes of weekly contributions to the CPO
  • 8% to the operational wallet for research, event planning, staffing, marketing, and utility development
  • 4% to the CPO for discretionary allocation
  • 4% to Rematic Tokens, LLC, for ongoing project support and organizational creation


  1. The National Alliance on Mental Illness(NAMI)
  2. Action Against Hunger
  3. International Relief Teams
  4. Starlight Children’s Foundation

Final Thoughts



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