CULT DAO Review: Decentralization for the Win

The Idea Behind CULT and How it Began


Project Proposals

Staking CULT

Advantages of CULT DAO

  • Completely Decentralized: Cult DAO is based on total decentralization with an economic model and guardians to succeed in its mission.
  • Project Funding: Those who submit proposals for financing can do so through Cult DAO. They can use the funds to build on their ideas and present them to the world.
  • No Barrier to Entry: Cult offers the opportunity for anyone to propose innovative solutions as long as you meet their three criteria. They should fight against centralization, advance decentralization, and support a noble cause.
  • Staking: Staking CULT is the basis of the whole protocol. Stakeholders (holders of dCULT) are the Guardians. After staking the deposit, the user will receive dCULT tokens as security for their deposit.

CULT Token

What is dCULT?

Final Thoughts



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