SpurDex — A Project Redefining Crypto Trading for the Global Community

The Ambitions of the SpurDex Project

The Problems that SpurDex Aims to Solve

  • The excessive fees charged on most pioneer blockchains make it difficult for users to conduct transactions. This issue hampers the widespread adoption of the technology.
  • The distrust in Africa-based crypto projects means that many innovative ideas need implementation. This situation is limiting the potential for growth in the region.
  • The reliance on centralized exchanges leaves investors vulnerable to losing their funds in the event of a security breach.
  1. Lack of Mass Adoption: Cryptocurrency and decentralized applications are rapidly gaining mass adoption in the financial ecosystem; however, this adoption is not yet universal. SpurDex seeks to bridge the gap between all classes of users as a target in Africa. The project will expand from this continent to developing countries and the world at large.
  2. Complexity: The use of cryptocurrency and decentralized applications can be complex for some users. SpurDEx wants to be the first Decentralized Exchange to bridge the gap across all classes of users.
  3. Security: One of the critical benefits of cryptocurrency is its security features. SpurDex offers a secure platform, making it a safe place for users to conduct their transactions.
  4. Cost: Cryptocurrencies can be expensive to use, often requiring multiple steps and high fees. SpurDEx offers low transaction fees and an easy-to-use platform, making it more affordable for users to engage in cryptocurrency transactions.

A Multi-Feature Crypto Platform

The SpurDex Exchange

The $SPDX Token

  • 47% of the tokens are part of the ICO process (0.45% allocated, 46.55% not allocated burnt up).
  • 5% will go to the project’s Initial DEX Offering, which will occur from September 24th to October 3rd.
  • 15% will be necessary for listing operations.
  • 13% will constitute the staking reward pool.
  • The remaining 20% will go to the team and ecosystem. The team explained that it locked these tokens.

Looking at the Future — What Is Next for SpurDex?

Bottom Line — A New Project Entering the DEX World



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