How Cross Chain Farming plans to gain your trust

  • Fair start-up: unlike other competitors, this project relies on a fair sale of tokens. Therefore, no group with privileged access to the market are created
  • Fighting rug pulls: too often, we see cases of criminals creating a coin and then disappearing with the investors’ money. Cross Chain Farming forces token creators to lock their coins until 2025 in order to avoid such an unpleasant situation
  • Low fees: the entire system works on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and, in this way, offers low costs to everyone
  • The token comes with a maximum supply of two trillion samples
  • The system has an automatic deflationary mechanism. A part of the transaction fee is burned, consequently reducing the number of tokens around
  • When the project began, 300 billion tokens were instantaneously sent to a burn wallet
  • 3% price maintenance: to help the system preserve itself, 2% of the coins are burned, and 1% goes to the liquidity pool
  • 3% reflection for holders: as a passive income, a part of the tax is converted in coin reflections. $CCF holders receive these reflections
  • 3% farming: asset management and farming is also important, with a part of the tax reserved for this purpose
  • 3% marketing: in order to promote the project, a part of the tax serves the purpose of helping CCF grow
  • The system wishes to reward the long term holders of the project
  • Farming operations produce profits that the DAO uses to support token price action and liquidity
  • We have already mentioned the creation of a burn wallet. Furthermore, the DAO has a spot portfolio in order to airdrop the farming profits to the holders
  • Profits are distributed as $BNB

Our conclusions on the project



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