Dettapay: Providing Top-Notch Services through the Most Beneficial Partnerships

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As mainstream crypto adoption is becoming more apparent, several problems are hindering the realization of widespread adoption. Notable challenges facing cryptocurrency platforms, especially those dealing in payments, include spoofing payment information and phishing, hacking of crypto payment gatewaysaddress error, and loss of a wallet file, and spoofing of users’ addresses. These challenges discourage increased usability of crypto platforms despite the numerous advantages offered by the technology, including the irreversibility of transactions, anonymity, no third parties, global speeds, and security.

To solve the challenges facing the crypto space, blockchain developers have created several innovative crypto products. One such crypto project looking to solve some of the challenges facing the crypto sector is Dettapay- a true store of value. The platform will be partnering with leading companies to provide top-notch crypto services constituted within a global store where everyone around the world can transact freely. Here’s an in-depth look at the services offered by Dettapay and how the platform solves major challenges facing the crypto space.

Dettapay Unraveled

Dettapay is an innovative blockchain-based payment solution seeking to create a “store of value.” An outstanding feature about Dettapay is that it’s compatible with both blockchain and traditional payment platforms offering users ease of compatibility and more payment options. The payment platform also integrates Dettapay marketplace- a global store where everyone around the globe can transact using DETTA (Dettapay’s native token) to pay for goods and services.

Dettapay is powered by DETTA- a utility token used to make payment on Dettapay marketplace and its other partners.

DETTA Tokenomics




PRESALE DATE: 31 October 2020

DETTA Token Distribution

As mentioned earlier, only 1 million DETTA will be produced. The token will be listed on Uniswap within 48 hours after the presale is completed. 10% of the total token distribution will be allocated to Uniswap and locked for one year to create liquidity. You can buy DETTA token on Uniswap after its listing DETTA will also be listed or reputable crypto exchanges, both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchanges.

DETTA token distribution is as follows:

  • 20 %(200,000) DETTA- Dettapay Team.
  • 30 %(300,000) DETTA- Token Sales
  • 30 %(300,000) DETTA- Marketing, Partnerships etc.
  • 10 % (100,000) DETTA- Staking Rewards
  • 10 %(100,000) DETTA- Uniswap Liquidity

DETTA Token Use Cases

DETTA functions as a store of value and is the anchor currency on Dettapay marketplace. Below are real-world use cases of DETTA token.

  • Payment for goods and services- DETTA token is the official means of payments on the Dettapay owned marketplace. Through DETTA, anyone, anywhere around the globe, can pay for products and/or services on the marketplace as well as its partners. While popular FIAT currencies such as Dollars, Euros, and Pounds will still be accepted on the Dettapay marketplace, users will be incentivized for using DETTA as a payment.
  • Facilitate anonymous transactions- DETTA will facilitate anonymous transactions giving users the freedom of transacting freely. Through DETTA, you can buy that product without worrying about anyone tracking your transactions. Thanks to the anonymity of transactions, DETTA will make it easier for individuals to access international markets and seamlessly pay for products and or /services in spite of countries’ trade limits or restrictions. Anonymity in transactions will be a lifesaver for individuals facing restrictions in certain countries and an easy, efficient payment alternative for individuals seeking enhanced privacy in their financial transactions.
  • Store of Value- DETTA is a store of value and can be used on both blockchain/crypto and traditional sectors. Being a store of value, DETTA will make it easy for anyone around the world to pay for products and services of the Dettapay marketplace or any of its partners. Enjoy a hassle-free, private shopping experience using DETTA.

Dettapay Partnerships; How Will They Benefit the Community?

Dettapay is poised to make outstanding partnerships to offer top-notch services to its users. Through its partnership with leading companies, Dettapay will help DETTA realize its full potential. Increased partnerships, coupled with more customers using Dettapay marketplace, will enable DETTA to attain a high value. This will, in turn, benefit the community as well as Dettapay partners.

Dettapay partnerships are categorized into two (2): technical and commercial partnerships.

Technical Partnerships

Dettapay is seeking to partner with cybersecurity and identity protection companies to enhance its users’ privacy. Additionally, technical partnerships will ensure users’ funds are safe and fully accounted for. This will develop the community’s confidence in Dettapay with no reason for worrying about their fund’s security and private information breach. Dettapay will also be partnering with a reputable Decentralized Finance (DeFi) company in order to afford DETTA holders the opportunity to stake their tokens for rewards. More details to be unveiled soon! The platform is currently seeking partnership from any company that can enhance privacy and security of client’s private information and funds. Upcoming technical partnerships will be announced in due course.

Commercial Partnerships

DETTA will be the primary means of payment on Dettapay marketplace. However, Dettapay will still accept other forms of payments on its marketplace if they can benefit its community. People can still pay using FIAT currency on the Dettapay marketplace but will be incentivized for using DETTA as a payment means. Some of the benefits of using DETTA on the marketplace are: discounts on selected products and services plus sellers will pay reduced amounts of listing fees in DETTA. While DETTA will be the main means of payment on the Dettapay market, prices of goods and services will be pegged to FIAT currency. Besides, the Dettapay team is looking at technical solutions where FIAT currency will first be converted to DETTA when a customer is paying with Debit or Credit but doesn’t want their bank statement to reflect payments made on Dettapay platform.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the future of digital payments. As digital payment giants, notably PayPal and Venmo, look to roll out crypto payments, the future of digital assets and blockchain technology just got brighter. However, issues facing the crypto space, including security and privacy challenges, impedes widespread crypto adoption.

Dettapay is a revolutionary crypto project looking to solve challenges crippling the crypto space and spearhead its growth. The platform creates a “store of value” by incorporating a global marketplace and a token utilized for payments by both blockchain/crypto and traditional sectors. And to enhance DETTA’s full potential and offer outstanding services, Dettapay will be partnering with top-notch companies. Stick around as partners will be announced in due course.

Originally published at on October 14, 2020.

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