DEXPRO — Bringing Powerful Functionality to Uniswap Users

When it comes to trading on Uniswap, users can feel a bit trapped. The platform only offers four basic functionalities. You can of course buy and sell tokens. You can also add or remove liquidity. That’s it. Yes, this is all you need to survive, but what about those traders that want to thrive.

For these traders, there is another option, DEXPRO. You can think of DEXPRO as an upgrade to the current status pro. Currently, Uniswap traders are left to do all of their own research off-site. You have to manually monitor new token listings and you even have to add them to your wallet interface manually.

Needless to say, this strategy is outdated and fails to leverage the technological capabilities of today. Through the DEXPRO interface, users enter a new type of hybrid exchange. Here they can leverage the familiar tools found on centralized exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase Pro.

Uniswap First

The developers of DEXPRO started with their focus on the Uniswap exchange for good reason. Uniswap is the premier DEX in the market. This exchange rose to the top of the market due to its openness and its simplicity. Anyone can list a token on Uniswap. In this way, it’s the ideal platform for startups in the market.

Uniswap is a decentralized trading platform for ERC-20 tokens. These Ethereum-based tokens are the most popular in the market. Reports put the total number of ERC-20 tokens at just below 200,000 currently. This number increases monthly. There are already more ERC-20 tokens than all other types of cryptocurrencies. It’s easy to see that this sector deserves more attention.

DEXPRO introduces an impressive selection of tools into the DEX sector. You gain actions such as advanced alerts and market statistics. Specifically, you can monitor:

DPro Tokens are at the core of the DEXPRO ecosystem. These unique financial instruments serve a few crucial roles in the market. For one, they are the main governance token for the network. Users that hold a certain amount of DPro gain voting rights.

Staking DPro

You can also stake your DPro. Staking platforms are the newest and most popular type of blockchain currently. These blockchains allow anyone to stake their crypto in a network wallet and start earning passive income. In the DEXPRO ecosystem, there are three distinct staking tiers.

As a top DPro token holder you also gain early access to new features, and other exclusive access to improve your ROIs. Keenly, the more DPro you hold in your network wallet, the more features you unlock and the more opportunities you gain.

Stay in Tune

DEXPRO keeps investors in the loop like no other platform. You gain access to real-time notifications. You can even present what insights you desire to receive the notifications on. This flexibility allows you to stay updated like never before and ahead of the rest of the market.

You can set token alerts to display vital information like token creation dates and movements. Of course, you get the token name, symbol, and access to all the most relevant official links including Etherscan, website, social media, and Uniswap links. You are also privy to all the technical data of the token including the total supply, number of investors, and distribution percentages.

Exclusive Investment Opportunities

The Launchpad feature allows firms to develop and launch their tokens directly inside the DEXPRO ecosystem. When this occurs, DPro holders get the opportunity to participate in high-level presales exclusively. To assist in making investment decisions on these new listings, the software automatically rates all new Uniswap listings.

If you want to be an expert trader, you need to utilize all the tools at your disposal. Bots are one of the most powerful and popular trading tools in the crypto market. These advanced algorithms allow you to avoid major losses. You can also set up your trading Bot to lock in market profits before they’re gone. DEXPRO provides you with a front running Bot to help you stay safe from getting rugged.

Keep an Eye Out for Whales

There’s nothing more annoying than when all the technical indicators look great and a whale just comes and dumps their bags. Whales can and do manipulate the market in different ways. For this reason, you need to monitor all whale activity related to your assets. If a major movement occurs, you need to be aware.

DEXPRO allows you to effortlessly track any large buys or sells directly from your interface. You can also track large token movements from one wallet to another in real-time. If a whale is trying to manipulate the market by buying or dumping huge amounts then you are the first to know.

The platform also allows you to flag these addresses. Once an address is flagged, you receive notifications for every action it takes. Now whales will never get the best of you again. Along the same line of thought, you can also set up liquidity notifications. These notifications let you know whenever large amounts of liquidity are added or removed from Uniswap.

Track Your Portfolio

In terms of interfaces, DEXPRO blows the competition out of the water. DEXPRO provides you with a stunning portfolio tracker for all the tokens (including newly listed) stored on your Ethereum addresses. From here you can set any chart and price alerts in seconds. You also gain access to interactive price and liquidity charts. Be sure to set up alerts for all our favorite projects.

New Listing

Staying up to date on the new listings in Uniswap is a real pain. However, with DEXPRO, there are no issues whatsoever. All new listings will carry a trust score based on a variety of core parameters. You can present these parameters and even prioritize them. Whenever a new project enters the space that meets your requirements, you receive notifications directly in your interface.

DEXPRO is Here

If you are an avid Uniswap user, you are missing out if you don’t try DEXPRO. This platform combines the convenience of the centralized tolls found on popular exchanges and brings them to your fingertips, all while you enjoy the maximum security of DEXs. You can check out the MultiSwap alpha version today.

Originally published at on October 13, 2020.

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