Different Ways of Mining Cryptocurrency

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Blockchain technology introduced the world to the crypto reality, an industry that has attracted millions of people. Although the innovation is a bit complex, millennials are taking it by a storm, explicitly following the possibility of making money through crypto trading and crypto mining.

Everyone joining the crypto space wants to own a stack of digital assets, so the supply of coins in circulation needs to keep increasing. The cryptocurrencies differ in some properties, but they all come into circulation through crypto mining. Therefore, the big question for crypto enthusiasts remains to be how to mine cryptocurrency.

Crypto Mining

Cryptocurrency mining usually occurs through a consensus mechanism referred to as proof of work. Individuals use their computing powers to solve a set of math equations and get rewarded in cryptocurrency. The mathematical equations form part of blockchain technology’s encryption algorithm and are what cryptocurrency mining tries to solve. The first person to solve a problem receives a block that contains a given amount of cryptocurrency coins.

While the activities earn some miners income, it is, in most cases, to the tune of a few dollars a day for those using their resources. A miner will require dedicated computing hardware, membership of an online exchange platform, and a mining pool to get started. The process has heavy electricity consumption and requires an ever-on internet connection, which further impacts the net income.

However, there are different ways of crypto mining that even those getting started can explore. Further, investors set up different companies providing crypto mining services. Multimine is the best bet for the leading cryptocurrency mining method, cloud mining.

Multimine offers a space where everyone, whether novice or professional, can participate in crypto mining. All you have to do is sign up and choose a coin plan. Then, you can monitor your mining while receiving assured daily rewards. Moreover, there are additional benefits to using Multimine. Some of them include leveraging robust technology, attaining high rewards, providing algorithms for different coins, stellar security. Hashpower allocation, and many more.

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is the most popular way to mine cryptos. However, if you want the best experience in cloud mining, Multimine is your trusted dealer. The company prides in being among the first brands to explore cloud mining, and having a knowledgeable team in both crypto mining and investment. Currently, Multimine’s recognition stands at the international level, all thanks to its extensive investment in research and development.

In cloud mining, a miner does not have to own computer hardware, internet, or computer programs. Instead, prospective miners can approach Multimine and rent mining machines known as rigs for agreed periods. During the renting period, the cryptocurrency mined gets transferred to the miners’ wallets after deducting maintenance and electricity costs. Here, Multimine provides one of the best services in that individuals can mine any coin and enjoy instant withdrawals.

Prospective miners typically have the option of choosing between a free and a paid crypto mining plan. The free plan tends to have more users, although it still comes with its share of setbacks, such as more conditions for use and relatively slow speed.

Users go online and review various cloud mining hosting pricing options. The options range from the cheapest to the most expensive, and miners choose what they deem affordable. Standard plans can range anywhere between $500 and $5,000, and last two years or more. Some programs also allow users to customize a plan according to their requirements. Once miners are sure of what they prefer, they register their cryptocurrency wallet code and complete the initial procedure. Beginner miners can break even after about a year or two, although it is never guaranteed given cryptocurrencies’ volatility.

Other Crypto Mining Methods

CPU crypto mining was among the first options for miners back in the day. It was the most viable option, especially since almost anyone with a PC could mine a few cryptos every day. All you needed was a working personal computer and a couple of computer programs. However, only a few miners use this method today since it has its fair share of drawbacks. One of the main issues associated with it is that your computer will overheat within a few hours into the mining process. The cooling system of the best mining CPU only reduces the heating effect insignificantly, and electricity consumption is extremely high.

The process is also relatively slow, and miners only manage just a few coins a day. However, it is still a viable option for people who want to start crypto mining.

For anyone searching the internet for crypto mining options, GPU is probably one of the first things you can expect to pop up. It is quite efficient and cheap when compared to other methods. Construction of the mining rigs is expensive, although the high cost pays back with unmatched speed and the overall workforce. A standard rig usually consists of a motherboard, a processor, a few graphic cards, a rig frame, and a cooling system. The price of a complete rig will generally be around $3,000.

ASIC Mining

ASIC is the initials for Application-Specific Integrated Circuits. They are specialized devices designed for the sole purpose of crypto mining. One of the keynotes about this cryptocurrency mining method is its ability to mine massive amounts of cryptocurrency compared to CPU and GPU mining. However, ASIC mining has been a controversial issue due to their high power that makes them have rigs with which the CPU and GPU rigs cannot keep up. The method creates a possibility of the majority of crypto earnings going to the miners using ASIC.


Although crypto miners have different options to choose from, the choice depends on the individual miner’s position. Here, they all have to make considerations like the resources available and how much they are willing to invest.

Furthermore, it depends on whether one wants to own a rig or rent out one. ASIC seems the most suitable option due to its high capabilities, although with the associated controversies, GPU could be a more favorable mining option.

However, an effortless cryptocurrency mining sounds quite desirable, and is what makes signing up to Multimine the thing that every miner needs.

Originally published at https://www.cryptofolds.com on September 10, 2020.

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