Distx Token Sale Platform Sets Out to Unveil Its Bug Bounty Program

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In August 2020, the Distx platform launched its token sale, which lasted for only 57 seconds. Fifty-seven seconds made its token sale among the shortest, and the reason is the uniqueness of the token and the exciting rewards to token holders. Because of that fast token sale, this platform gained the attention of many crypto enthusiasts in just a short while. But what is Distx, and what is the main agenda of the platform in the Crypto space?

Distx is a new decentralized token sale network aiming to ease finding and buying tokens for everyone. Users and token sale participants will get updates of upcoming sales, contact the selling company, and contribute directly from this Distx website. After contributing, the user receives a redemption token, which will be redeemable anytime after the token reaches its soft cap. Therefore, token sale holders cannot access raised funds before reaching the token soft cap. The redeemed tokens go to any wallet address.

Its ability to design, build, and deliver one of the best token related platforms makes Distx better than other crypto platforms. Additionally, since it solves the crypto space’s problem, it will crack the mainstream market faster. Distx is soon launching its bug bounty program to test its new website and application.

The Bug Bounty Program

A bug bounty program is a deal between a website developer and third parties, where the latter tests the platform’s functioning and viability of the forum and reports possible bugs. The bug bounty program is not new to the crypto world. Many platforms choose to involve community members in testing their new platform. Among the platforms is Distx, which is soon launching its bug bounty program to ensure perfect web development.

The bug bounty program will focus more on bugs relating to Distx smart contract software, back-end, and front-end program. The front-end commonly referred to as the client-side of a website, is where all users can easily access and navigate. A new program’s navigability and user interface should be bug-free to ease service delivery and attract new users.

Back-end, commonly known as server end, is more like a behind the scenes of the new program. Anything that goes directly into the server database is a back-end program. Although users are not seen, the back-end is vital in any application or web page functionality and should be bug-free.

Bug bounty on smart contracts is also necessary to ensure there are no faulty contracts in the system. The programs will help the Distx platform developers stay ahead of any issues that could arise in the future.

The bug bounty program will run until the full collection of the $20 thousand happens, or until the 20th of December, where Distx expects to collect maximum results. Distx platform will work on every problem highlighted by users before officially releasing the platform to the general public. Everyone who wants to participate in making the platform development will enjoy part of the $20 thousand USDT reward. There are a bug ranking and reward system which includes;

  • Bugs will go through ranking according to the severity as follows;
  • Noted issues- where the identifying party gets up to $10
  • Low matter- where the party who identifies the bug will receive $100
  • Medium problem- where the party who notices the bug gets up to $2000
  • High issues- where the identifier receives up to $5000
  • Critical Issues- the identifier is rewarded up to $10,000

This program will not be the last for the Distx platform. After conducting the first and dealing with all arising issues, the developers will announce other bounties.

Benefits of Using the DISTX Platform

This platform has a ton of features and benefits for every user. These benefits are mostly unique to this platform, and they include;

The top 200 DISTX holders will receive a 2% share of all tokens from the platform’s token sales, thus enabling them to create fortunes.

Token holders will gain the first opportunity to participate in any token sale and distribution in the Distx platform.

Of all the ETH raised through tokens sales on Distx, 1% will help buy and burn Distx tokens. Burning of coins will ensure the coins retain high value, thus wholly deflationary.

Users have access to the latest token, and each token must be paired with Distx in the form of Token/Distx.

Final Word

This much-hyped new platform Distx will be highly beneficial to users in the crypto space, especially when purchasing new tokens. The forum will display the latest tokens for the users to invest in and maximize their profits. To bolster its advantages, Distx is launching a bug bounty program to help identify bugs and develop the platform. This program will result in great rewards for participants, with those identifying critical issues earning up to $10,000.

After completing the bug bounty program, the developers will handle the issues and officially launch the platform for general public use. The developers will plan other bug bounties in the future when the need arises or when they make further developments in their services.

Participate in the DistX Bug Bounty Program here.

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