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Divs exchange seeks to decentralize the centralized exchanges. This network takes a percentage of its fees and provides them as rewards to network users via a staking protocol.

Why Divs API is Top Notch

There are a lot of API interfaces in the market at this time. However, few offer the interoperability of all major centralized exchanges like Divs. The developers behind this platform wanted to ensure that traders could interact with all of their favorite centralized exchanges anonymously and without transaction limits.

Best of all, you won’t need to create an account or log in when you use Divs. The interface allows you to get the best deals from these exchanges and in real-time. Your trades are secure because of the use of a trusted 3rd party API.

Stake and Earn Profits

introduces a unique rewards protocol that takes a percentage of the total trading fees and redistributes it as user rewards. These rewards are paid out directly in TRON via a staking protocol. Staking protocols continue to see growing popularity because they are generally more secure and provide a more reliable return than trading.

Divs holders have a distinct advantage over the competition in that they can stake their tokens and earn rewards effortlessly. Staking is a popular way for users to earn extra revenue. When you stake your tokens, you agree to lock them into a smart contract for a pre-determined time period. The Divs ecosystem bases your rewards on the amount and the length of time you stake your tokens. Users that participate at higher levels, enjoy larger rewards.

Best of all, these rewards are paid out in TRON directly. This maneuver increases the overall value of the system in a couple of ways. First, it saves investors the time, inconvenience, and fees associated with converting rewards tokens into widely accepted cryptocurrencies. Second, it helps the network to avoid inflationary risks normally associated with rewards tokens.

In the Divs ecosystem, there is no lock or wait period on staking pools. impressively, Divs staking rewards are paid out every Monday at 00:00 am UTC. This strategy ensures that regular users can secure extra profits conducting their normal trading activities. It also demonstrates Divs’ innovative spirit and overall goal to make investing in cryptocurrencies easier.

For new investors, staking options are a great way to help buffer any trading losses or fees. Best of all, you don’t need to spend weeks researching or learning trading strategies to stake your coins and earn rewards.

A Better Reward

This strategy adds value to the network in multiple ways. For one, TRON is well-recognized and holds more value in the market compared to most reward tokens. Also, this approach adds liquidity to the network because you can trade your TRON across a huge selection of exchanges.

Divs developers went to great lengths to ensure that the project would maintain its token value. For example, the finite supply of Divs adds to the future demand for the token as its scarcity is guaranteed. This strategy is in direct contrast with most other DeFi platforms.

Divs opens the door for quick and anonymous trading on all the top centralized exchanges. You can even arbitrage trade assets from one exchange to another. In this way, you can capitalize on any price differences in a timely manner.

More Responsive

Divs users also gain the benefit of a faster and more responsive trading experience. On average, the API conducts all exchanges between 5–30 minutes. This puts the interface in-line with competitors. The network excels during trades of 1 BTC or less. These trades complete in under an hour.

In terms of fees, Divs is more affordable than the current industry standard. Users pay fees as low as 1%. The community receives a percentage of all the exchange fees in the form of weekly TRON rewards if you stake your Divs tokens. What is unique about this approach is that you could earn enough staking to offset any trading fees. In this way, Divs gives you an opportunity to trade freely.

Project Owners

The Divs exchange ecosystem allows new projects to integrate the exchange directly into their project or website. Consequently, these projects gain access to a powerful crypto on-ramp. Interested investors can also exchange their tokens for Divs and strengthen the ecosystem further. Best of all, project owners can buy Divs and stake the coins to generate more weekly TRON rewards.

It’s Time You Got Your Fair Share

Divs is a pioneer in that they developed a way to decentralize the centralized exchange reward structure. You can start earning rewards for staking on this network in days. Unlike competitors, there are no lockup requirements. If you need to withdraw your funds to participate in another investment opportunity, you’re free to do so.

In comparison, most staking protocols require a time commitment of approximately 30-days before you receive rewards. In some instances, you have to lock up your funds for months before you gain any real payouts.

In comparison, Divs pays out rewards weekly. In this way, Divs provides a nice level of flexibility to users seeking DeFi staking rewards and the security of centralized exchanges. New investors will appreciate that they can put their tokens to work immediately and start seeing rewards without delay.

Divs — Get Paid to Trade

Div’s approach to trading could spark large interest among investors. Users benefit from the cross-exchange trading capabilities and best price searching mechanisms. Plus, staking protocols are more popular than ever. You have to commend the innovative team behind this hybrid exchange interface. You gain access to DeFi features, a powerful exchange and API interface, a new digital asset, and lower fees when you trade using Divs.

Originally published at https://www.cryptofolds.com on January 27, 2021.

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