DNFT Protocol: A Crypto Platform Aiming to Revolutionize NFT

DNFT protocol is a top functional platform designed to provide solutions to the crypto world, specifically gaming and NFT. NFT is currently in high demand; therefore, DNFT aims to increase the decentralization of NFT services.

Accordingly, DNFT will help support other NFT projects by providing multiple solutions for building, borrowing, trading, and gaming in the NFT ecosystem. DNFT protocol is the 9th Web3.0 Foundation grant project, BSC official grant project, and got prizes in several hackathons.

This platform helps track different NFT applications, manage NFT data, NFT assets, play NFT related games, and watch other classes of blockchain NFT assets. Primarily, NFT is the core service provided, but gaming is an additional service.

The Technology Behind DNFT

To ensure the users of the DNFT network do not suffer slow transactions and high fees, DNFT decided to use Polkadot. As a smart contract platform alternative, Polkadot is highly scalable and offers services at very affordable fees. Therefore DNFT users will enjoy favorable fees, speedy transactions, and reliability.

The platform’s architecture is also state of the art, leveraging the Data NFT, Dataswap, DAO Governance, AI Kit, and Data storage with tax.

Moreover, this platform’s developers leverage the substrate blockchain creation tool to ensure that DNFT will have the best functions. By leveraging Substrate, everything in the project’s creation will be at exemplary standards.

The DNF Token and Its Benefits

Accordingly, these tokens will be possible to exchange once the DNFT bridge goes live, and users can exchange them on a 1:1 ratio. This cross-chain mechanism helps bolster the reliability of the DNFT network.

Moreover, DNFT users can make exchanges within the Ethereum and Polkadot networks because of the dual chain system and the bridge provision.

It will be possible for messages to move across parallel chains using the DNFT protocol due to the system architecture. As such, this platform is going to be a vital tool for the NFT and crypto gaming space.

The DNF token will be a deflationary token to ensure the users enjoy the best benefits of using the platform. DNFT will use some amount of its profits to purchase DNF and ultimately burn it to maintain its reliability.

DNFT has a pre-launch on Kusama, which hosts its native KNF token. The holders of the DNF tokens and users of the DNFT network will earn from airdrops in the form of KNF.

DNF holders will also be beneficiaries of any proceeds made on the auction of NFT assets whose taxes have not been paid timely.

By continuously burning the DNF tokens, the platform will reduce the number of tokens in circulation, increase the demand and contribute to an increase in price.

The revenue surplus of the DNF network will be used to create a DNFT treasury fund. The idea is to invest vastly in tokens like DOT, ETH, and BTC to ensure the DNFT network has a secured future in investments.

Why Use the DNFT Network

Safety of your Assets

Unlike many platforms that concentrate on managing the users’ private keys, DNFT will only work on asset protection. Generally, this platform will be working with other Defi and NFT related platforms with highly secure asset protection functions.

All Services on One Dashboard

Favorable Charges on a Scalable Network

Artists Benefit

Final Word

DNFT’s native token is called DNF, made as both an ERC-20 token for the Ethereum network and DNF for Mainnet in Polkadot. There are vast benefits of holding the DNF token, including enjoying the properties of a deflationary token.

Moreover, the DNFT network has great gaming options with dice games and many more options. DNFT institutes algorithms to ensure the users’ assets remain at top security. This soon-to-launch network is going to help revolutionize NFT.

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