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5 min readFeb 1, 2023

DollarMoon is a new cryptocurrency project that has introduced its Value-Leading System in the crypto world. This strategy does not link the roadmap to dates but to reaching specific goals from the roadmap.

DollarMoon is a project to benefit long-term investors by rewarding them with $BNB coins. Today’s review will look at the tokenomics, roadmap, and more to gain insight into this new project with high ambitions.

Understanding the Value-Leading System

As mentioned, the Value-Leading System is a strategy that does not link the roadmap to dates but to specific goals. New features and projects will launch once the token achieves a price target milestone. This system provides greater assurance that the project is progressing and allows long-term investors to trust in the project’s future.

There are multiple benefits to the Value-Leading System. Firstly, no one can rush a project, and developers must focus on providing quality deliverables ready for launch.

Additionally, it ensures that sufficient funds are available in the treasury to support product development and marketing operations. The ultimate goal is to use the Value-Leading System to build a sustainable growth path for DollarMoon.

Manual and Automatic Burning Operations

Before we look into burning operations, it is fundamental to grasp the main concepts behind deflationary tokens. In short, deflationary tokens aim to reduce their circulating supply over time. This scarcity of coins can increase the coin’s demand and drive its value over time.

In DollarMoon’s case, burning operations will occur manually and automatically.

Each roadmap phase opens with manual burning events. Automatic burning operations will take place for every buy transaction, aiming to reduce the token’s supply further.

Manual burning operations can help the team reach its goals, and automatic burning operations can gradually improve the token’s scarcity.

Passive Income

DollarMoon also aims to reward long-term currency holders by offering a passive income program. By holding your coins, you will be eligible to receive $BNB rewards regularly. This can help increase your investment’s value and make it even more profitable.

Considering how volatile cryptocurrencies can be, many investors find the concept of passive income from holding digital coins attractive. The team behind DollarMoon decided to give its community a chance to join this growing trend.

The Project’s Tokenomics

$DMOON maximum supply is equal to 200 million coins. The team decided to burn half of this amount in regular burning events. DEX sales and CEX listing operations will benefit a relevant part of the supply (20% each).

Finally, the remaining 10% of the coins will go to the founders. The team mentioned that it would only sell 2% in the last stage to operate the DollarMoon platform. These funds help keep the project moving forward as they provide liquidity and help the team establish a stable ecosystem.

Another aspect you should remember when looking at $DMOON is that the team introduced a tax on sales and purchases. Each time you buy the token, there’s a 12% tax that will fund liquidity (2%), rewards (2%), and treasury (5%). The remaining 3% will constitute the amount that the project’s smart contract will automatically burn.

Sales will operate through a slightly higher tax (15%) as there’s an extra 3% fee for transactions.

The team designed these taxes to ensure returns and benefit future investors. Furthermore, the taxing system aims to maintain a healthy balance between the different stakeholders of the project. Reducing speculation and ensuring an even playing field for all users is one of the team’s top priorities.

Overview of the Roadmap

Before wrapping up, looking at the project’s roadmap is fundamental. Studying the team’s milestones, the above-mentioned Value Leading System becomes easier to grasp, as we’ll see in the subsections below.

Phase 1: First Step to the Moon

The first step towards a successful organization is to create the right platform. In order to do this, the team created a website and social media accounts expressing its message to the world.

The team completed a smart contract audit process with the help of SolidProof. This step ensured that all smart contracts were secure and capable of performing as expected. Simultaneously, the team built a community, connecting with Youtubers and people interested in crypto projects.

Phase 2: First Zero Kill

The second phase included the execution of the team’s first burn event. With new marketing campaigns and applications on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, the aim was to bring more attention to this project.

Additionally, DollarMoon created a positive buzz about this coin through community airdrops and gifts.

Phase 3: Second Zero Kill

The ongoing third phase of the DollarMoon project involves a second burn event, which has already occurred. Furthermore, the team completed the creation of the MENA, Russian, French and Turkish communities.

In addition, a website with instructions on buying $DMOON in all languages will go live. This step will aim to increase the market reach of the coin.

Finally, DollarMoon merch will be available to spread awareness and coalesce its community around a central mission: creating a financial alternative that gives back to its users.

Phase 4: Third Zero Kill

This phase will launch a new token-burning event, pursuing the team’s goal to bring deflationary economics to the DollarMoon ecosystem.

Moving on, the team will launch a swapping platform to help its community exchange tokens at ease.

In order to further strengthen DollarMoon’s infrastructure, the founders plan to launch a Web3/Blockchain Security Platform. Furthermore, the project will launch on a centralized exchange (CEX) by the end of this phase.

Phase 5: Hit 1$

Hitting 1$ represents another fundamental target in DollarMoon’s growth strategy. At this point, after the recurring burning event, the team will be ready to launch its fashion brand.

There will also be big exchanges exploration, such as Binance and OKX. This will increase DollarMoon’s presence in the market, leading to more liquidity for $DMOON token holders.

The team will launch a hot and cold wallet offering security to users who want to store their tokens safely.

Phase 6: Hit 10$+

Looking at the 10$+ price target, the team will launch an exchange platform and develop the DEX social media platform.

By this time, DollarMoon will share an updated version of its roadmap with new plans for its ecosystem.

Bottom Line — A New Project with High Ambitions

DollarMoon is a new project with high ambitions. The team’s primary focus is to create a deflationary decentralized platform where users can benefit from its growing value.

This ambitious mission will rely on strategic steps, such as the Value Leading System and burning events. Each roadmap phase will work to help maintain the token scarcity at an optimal level.

The team’s website and social pages (Telegram group, Telegram channel, and Twitter) let you follow this new project’s progress.

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