Earn Passive Income on Your BCH with Bitrue’s Power Piggy

Bitrue exchange’s ‘ Power Piggy’ product enables you to effortlessly stake a wide array of digital assets and earn passive interest rates of up to 13%.

The exchange is keen to supply users with numerous opportunities to control their finances and earn an extra income. The most recent result of that effort is another new digital coin that you can now add to your interest-earning via Power Piggy.

As per an announcement on twitter on April 3rd, 2020, crypto traders can now earn a passive income of 5.3% APR on their BCH coins.

According to Curis Wang, CEO of Bitrue, innovation has always been at the heart of Bitrue exchange, highlighted by the introduction of the Power Piggy product that gives ordinary investors a chance to earn while they sleep.

Why Choose Power Piggy?

Just as in traditional banking, if you have a significant amount of funds, it doesn’t profit you to hold on to it in a current account but rather to lock it up in a fixed account and earn interest on your funds.

Similarly, if you hold crypto assets, you can capitalize on them by locking them in a high-interest account.

Power Piggy enables users to lock digital coins in their account and earn passive interest on a wide array of digital assets.

Rates are adjusted regularly and include 5.3% for BTC, 5.3% for ETH, and 10.3% for USDT, with Bitrue guaranteeing up to $1M in case of any hack on the platform.

If you want to earn substantial interest rates, you could consider purchasing popular coins like BCH or a stable coin like USDT and holding it on Powerpiggy.

According to Bitrue, interest in holdings is paid out daily with no lockups, making the Powerpiggy program a rewarding strategy for crypto lovers wishing to earn passive interest.

Investors can also go with the “fixed-term investment” feature, where their coins are locked up for 30 days in exchange for higher interest rates.

Lock BTR and Enjoy Higher Interest Rates

Bitrue offers lucrative rates for its native token (BRT) via the VIP cap feature. This acts as an incentive for users to stake the token to provide long-term sustainability of the platform.

The VIP cap option’s focal objective is to maintain a healthy ecosystem around Bitrue exchange while offering BTR investors a sure way to maximize their investment earnings.

Originally published at https://cryptoadventure.org on July 8, 2020.

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