Earn Up To 200% Returns with the IQ.Cash Investment Cryptocurrency

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IQ.сash is a universal large-scale blockchain platform for traders, investors & miners that offers lucrative returns on investment (ROI).

The chief objective of this remarkable blockchain platform is to deliver anonymous, real-time payments as well as real-time investment for all crypto enthusiasts.

IQ coins are presented on famous exchanges such as HitBTC, Bithumb Global, P2PB2B, CoinsBit, BitForex, and Mercatox, allowing you to securely trade on these top exchanges using popular crypto options such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and many more.

Despite all the buzz around cryptocurrencies, one of the primary reasons why people even consider trading with digital assets is because of the possibility of doubling or tripling their investment.

Read on to find out how the IQ.cash crypto coin was designed and how you can use its revolutionary blockchain to earn massive returns.

How Does IQ Cash Work?

The IQ blockchain utilizes a blend of proof of work (PoW) consensus and a Masternode support system to provide an effective way to earn returns.

Additionally, high-speed transactions are achieved through InstantSend, with a record transaction time of about 5 seconds. Another key feature of IQ Cash is the anonymity of transactions.

This is enabled through the PrivateSend algorithm. Users are completely assured of encrypted transfers and receipts.

The blockchain project has developed a crypto and platform which optimizes and maximizes the potential of earning high returns for all participants within its network. In addition to being able to trade the digital asset on top crypto exchanges, miners and investors are not left out of the equation.

Miners receive 43% of the block reward, while masternode operators enjoy a passive income of 57% from every block. We still have 6%, which is reserved for DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations), that is, they are used to invest, for example, in ICO projects, websites, trading bots, and improving the entire IQ ecosystem.

The team at IQ Cash has found an innovative masternode fee system that allows us to earn and share with the user 100% of the masternode rewards.

The reward distribution model makes IQ.Cash economically attractive to investors and miners whilst ensuring the sustainability of the blockchain.

Why IQ Cash is Gaining Popularity

1. Security

IQ.Cash, like other blockchain-powered crypto platforms, is very safe and secure. The investment crypto now has millions of active users in the world, and the number is growing rapidly! User accounts cannot be blocked, and no one but the owner can access funds.

2. Confidentiality

With the introduction of the Private-Send algorithm into the platform structure that provides privacy or transaction anonymity, users can be sure that they can have full confidence in system security. They don’t need to worry about privacy because it’s been resolved.

3. Anonymous

Anonymity of transactions in the IQ blockchain is provided by the PrivateSend algorithm that ensures users can trust the system totally. They don’t need to worry about 3rd party access to data because the system securely encrypts data when transferring and receiving assets.

4. ASIC Resistance

NeoScrypt algorithm is employed to prevent ASIC mining on the blockchain and to keep mining attractive to CPU users.

5. Speed Of Transaction

High-speed transactions are guaranteed by instant data exchange (InstantSend) across the network. The transaction time is about 5 seconds.

6. Decentralization

The IQ.Cash network implies the inability to create sites that have a dominant influence on other network members. Effects on coins are also excluded because their release is limited, and additional emissions are not provided.

7. PrivateSend Basics

PrivateSend gives you true financial privacy by blurring the origins of your funds. All IQ money in your wallet consists of different “inputs” that you can think of as separate and separate coins.

PrivateSend utilizes a ground-breaking procedure to mix your coin input with the input of 2 other individuals, without your coins ever leaving your wallet. This ensures that each user is in control of their digital money at all times.

How to Make Profit with IQ.Cash

Investors can earn a profit of up to 200% a year. The more people create deposits, the higher the price of the coin at the market exchange. In this case, investors can earn more profits. So, how to earn 200% a year with IQ.Cash?

Even better, IQ.Cash platform users can trade their IQ on various cryptocurrency exchanges through consensus algorithms (PoW) and MasterNode Network Support. This feature allows the platform to be able to offer huge profits to investors and miners who have this MasterNode.

However, to get a MasterNode and get a large return as an investor, you must invest up to or more than 3,000 IQ. In general, here are the steps to make 200% yearly profit:

  • Purchase 3,000 IQ or better 3,001 as one will be spent on the transaction commission
  • Download the Flits App (Android or IOS) for the mobile device.
  • Open an IQ.cash coin wallet in the app
  • Put 3,001 IQ into the wallet and create a MasterNode server and a deposit
  • Pay the hosting provider service fee at Flits. It will cost you EUR 1.99 per month

Verdict: IQ.cash is a New Platform Worth Trying

IQ.Cash is here to restore the true reason and purpose of blockchain and cryptocurrency by employing a MasterNode Network that provides high integrity, transaction privacy, and high transaction speed.

This platform is built with high standard technology that enables it to function and serve its objectives effectively. Safety standards are also very high, and there is no compromise on user data that can be leaked.

The maximum supply of IQ coins is 56 900,000 IQ. IQ coins that function on the blockchain are listed on many top exchanges, and the wallet itself is also available for sending and receiving coins easily.

The wallet is currently available for PC users and smartphone users through the Flits app.


In conclusion, liquidity is a key aspect of cryptocurrency transactions. Investors and traders want to be able to buy and sell their digital assets instantaneously. Although there are over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges, high-volume exchanges are a preferred choice.

With this in mind, the IQ Cash team has worked hard to get listed on top exchanges. Recently, IQ was listed on HitBTC, a top-50 exchange, and has also gone live on BitForex just last month on April 3.

A combination of the right team, a secured blockchain network, high liquidity, and bespoke features positions IQ Cash as one of the projects to look out for in 2020.

IQ.Cash is here to serve most investors, miners, and traders who are the main soul of the crypto space. Therefore, the platform is worth a try as it offers a great opportunity for crypto lovers to generate a lot of profits.

Go to the buy page, and you will see the window opening where you can pay for the amount of coins you would like to purchase today.

Originally published at https://cryptopress.news on May 24, 2020.

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