Falcon Project — The Ultimate Deal On Solving the Liquidity Problems of Anonymous Blockchains

Blockchain Liquidity

Risks of Low Liquidity in Cryptocurrency

Addressing Liquidity Problems of Blockchain

Falcon Project

  • Exchanges unavailability for anonymous coins — Many available exchanges don’t provide listing for anonymous coins
  • High cost involved in integrating anonymous coin to few exchanges that support there listing
  • Lack of infrastructure, such as mobile and hardware wallets for anonymous coins which cause inconveniences for users

How Falcon Project Solves The Liquidity Problem of Anonymous Blockchains

Two Complementary Blockchains

  1. based on ERC-20 token. FNT blockchain — ERC-20 stands as a technical standard for all Ethereum smart contracts and token implementation. The network is reputable for its flexibility, reliability, and support for secure hardware wallets (including Ledger and Trezor), web wallets, desktop wallets, and mobile wallets. The FNT token is the main asset of the Falcon Project used for listings, integrations, and all the network undertakings.
  2. FNC blockchain — FNC is the official Falcon Project coin. The coin facilitates optional anonymous transactions. The FNC coin gives users the right to initiate confidential transactions.

Three Interchangeable Chains

Top-Notch Security




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