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Image for post continues to see more users weekly and for good reason. This second-generation DeFi solution utilizes a natural mathematical protocol to solve one of the main problems currently facing the DeFi community — a reliance on governance token values. has figured out a way to create a sustainable yield farming ecosystem and add longevity to the market.

Ingenuitive Developers

The developers behind, Jax76, churnSpeed, and gustav9 have championed the concept of detaching tokens from their exchange value. As stated, this project is meant to help developers research the possibilities. Notably, the team chose the .dev because they felt that the project was best represented as a development theory. The final goal is to examine its effects on the market and implement them on other platforms that could benefit.

Developers Welcome

Keeping in line with the spirit of the decentralized financial sector, anyone can participate and contribute to the project. You can join the team and help create a robust and multi-generational DeFi ecosystem. Interested parties can communicate via the firm’s Discord channel.

No More Red-Tape prioritizes innovation and freedom over trying to tap dance around barriers to development. These developers want to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the DeFi sector. In this way, places the creators and innovators in the steering wheel. No more red tape, no need to worry about reg concerns. You can just apply your skills and push the frontier of DeFi into the future.

Critical to the Longevity

Looking at the DeFi sector from a purely mathematical perspective, it’s easy to see that most tokens in the market operate in a purely speculative manner. The problem is that as more investors pour into this trend, the new investors run into a scenario where the value of these governance tokens plummets suddenly. believes that developers need to explore ways to detach tokens from their speculative positions to remain valuable in the coming months.

In this way, is critical to ensure the longevity of the market. This deployed hypothesis for the decoupling of DeFi tokens is the market’s best chance at a long and healthy growth rate. The entire concept reflects this responsibility. Perhaps that’s why developers utilized the concept of Fibonacci.


The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical equation where the sum of a number equals the addition of the two previous numbers in the sequence. Interestingly, this equation has its origins in Ancient India. Notably, Fibonacci is best known as the Italian mathematician named Leonardo of Pisa. However, he didn’t discover this natural phenomenon, but he did introduce it to the western world. utilizes this natural occurring equation in its supply adjustment calculation. This Fibonacci adjustment mechanism provides the platform with a natural deflationary strategy that happens to fall in line with the golden ratio. In this way, combines the ancient, the natural, and the future.

Decentralized Loans

The main draw of is its yield farming options. Yield farming is hugely popular because it allows anyone to lend out their crypto and earn a hefty interest. In essence, you get to act like the bank and reap the profits. In the ecosystem, users lend out $FIB. You can also use $FIB to yield farm the highest performing assets from other protocols.

Users invest into the DeFi liquidity pools and get paid rewards. These rewards are in the form of interest that compounds daily. Users can take advantage of multiple passive income streams available on The goal is to create a scenario where the ordinary user benefits the most from their interaction with the platform.

This approach is in stark contrast to the current centralized banking system. In this system, the central bank takes the lion’s share of the profits, and regular users are left with miniscule interest rates. Sadly, the bank eats away at these with additional fees. In the end, only the central bank wins.

Deflationary is all about retaining the value of $FIB. To accomplish this task, developers adjust the supply of $Fib. Wisely, a portion of revenue not used for the buy-back and burn mechanism is re-invested into the investment pool. This strengthens the entire network.

What makes the platform so simplistic is that these adjustments depend on a single Fibonacci-based mechanism. These mathematical supply adjustments support price and help to grow vault users.

Staking also offers staking. You can stake your assets in lending pools and earn interest along with other users. Staking is another popular option in the DeFi sector. When you stake your crypto, you lock it up for a predetermined amount of time. The more your stake, the more you earn. Your interest is paid out in $FIB. This is very convenient because you can use this versatile token in so many ways.


$FIB operates as the main governance token for the ecosystem. Users receive loans, pay back debts, receive rewards, and lend out $FIB. Think of $FIB as the fuel for the vehicle, you need it to go anywhere in the network. This second-generation governance token lives on the world’s second largest blockchain Ethereum. Developers will only issue 36,000 $FIB in total.

The Future

The project symbolizes a maturing of the market. This is a new and more effective approach to what could be one of the biggest sectors in the blockchain market. Now, developers must monitor the detached set up between governance tokens and the yield generated by these platforms to determine what adjustments create the desired results. — Its Natural

There is something epic about using the Fibonacci sequence in your coding. This sequence is prevalent in every part of nature, from the shells of sea creatures, to the swirl of the Milky Way galaxy. This simplistic and elegant approach to the market is what’s needed to provide a strong foundation to build upon. For now, is the cornerstone.

Originally published at on September 27, 2020.

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