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Flaming Farm wants to remove all the technical barriers from the yield farming process. The platform combines an interactive interface with detailed asset performance data to simplify the process. Additionally, the developers introduce a proprietary deflationary mechanism to provide strong token price support.

Welcome to the World of Yield Farming

Yield farming protocols continue to see adoption in the market. These networks allow anyone to stake their cryptocurrency and earn rewards. Staking is a term used to describe the act of locking up your crypto in a smart contract for an agreed time.

There are many reasons to stake. Proof-of-Stake networks utilize staking to validate transactions and the state of the blockchain. DeFi platforms take the concept a step further and allow people to stake their crypto to provide liquidity to projects. Investors in these pools lock their crypto up and receive pool tokens in return. These tokens go up in value as the liquidity rises. This strategy allows users to earn their staking rewards and extra ROIs due to the token’s value increasing.

Yield farming takes this concept further. Yield farmers agree to stake their tokens into large liquidity pools. These pools function as a decentralized bank. Users can take out short-term loans from these pools. Lenders receive interest on top of their repayment for participating in the pool. Best of all, the pool’s centralized nature ensures that your loan repayment occurs regardless of if the lender repaid on time or not.

Yield Farming Beats Trading Hands Down

Yield farming is a better option than trading for new users for many reasons. Primarily, your returns are more consistent. Additionally, you are not trading your crypto, so your not going to lose your investment. The entire concept of yield farming revolves around the idea that there is a ton of cryptocurrency sitting idle in the market. Now it can produce returns without all of the risks of trading.

Trading requires you to invest time into understanding the market, trading strategies, and the projects. The average new user just wants to earn some profits and better understand the technology at first. Once they fully grasp blockchain technology and the niche each firm fills, they are ready to move on to trading. However, given the market’s volatility, most DeFi traders may remain in this sector for the foreseeable future.

What Makes Flaming Farm Different

Flaming Farm introduces a deflationary protocol into the yield farming equation to help control inflation. Inflation is a serious concern in the market at this time. These issues arise from the fact that new tokens issue every time funds enter the pool.

First-generation platforms now realize that this method of monetary issuance leaves the market unbalanced. Yet, they have no way to correct the issue. When you combine this scenario with the market’s speculative nature, it’s easy to see the potential for runoff sales and token inflation.

Flaming Farm attempts to correct this issue in various ways. The system continuously monitors its liquidity pools and adjusts the circulating supply of FFARM tokens when it’s determined that it’s necessary to sure up prices. This system supports the ETH, USDT, and DAI pools at this time. Developers stated that the protocol begins with a 2.5% burn. From there, the system moves up according to the situation.

Continues Liquidity Mechanism

Another feature that makes Flaming Farm different is that its fees feedback into the liquidity pools. Everyone in the pool gains a portion of transaction fees, exchange fees, and staking entrance fees. This added liquidity also increases the overall pool’s value. In turn, the pool’s token appreciates.

How to Invest in Flaming Farm

Flaming Farm started its private sale earlier in the month. The private series ended as planned, with the firm securing funding to commence the public sale. This stage of the event began on December 10th, at 11:40 AM UTC, and will continue for the coming weeks. The private sale price is 0.12ETH per FFARM token, and there is a minimum investment of 0.5 ETH. Notably, large investments have a cap of 30 ETH.

Uniswap And Flaming Swap Listing

Uniswap is the largest DEX and Ethereum Dapp in the world today. It provides valuable liquidity to projects in the market. Flaming Farm will launch a Uniswap pool following the completion of its crowdsale. There are arbitrage trading opportunities for early bird investors as the Uniswap listing price is higher than the current presale price. But ofcourse Flaming Farm will launch their own Dex called FlamingSwap, that will have a unique design and better rewards for farmers.

Other Cool Flaming Farm Features

Flaming Farm developers wanted to streamline yield farming for the average user. The platform features a well-designed interface that allows you to monitor your staking investments in real-time. You can also check your past, current, and future earnings with just a glance.

Community Governance

Flaming Farm leverages a transparent community governance model to approve significant network changes. Users can vote on important matters, such as adding new liquidity pools to the platform. Your voting power is determined by the amount of FFARM tokens your hold. This strategy eliminates malicious parties from the community because they would need to commit to the project to have a say. As such, they would only hurt their own ROI.

ERC-20 Family

Experienced DeFi investors will tell you that Ethereum is the network of choice for users at this time. Ethereum is one of the largest and most secure blockchains in the world. Impressively, every ERC-20 token shares various standards that allow them to be stored in any compatible wallet or traded on any ERC-20 compliant exchange. This interoperability brings a lot to the overall usability of these tokens.

We Don’t Need No Water

The developers behind the Flaming Farm protocol wanted to shake things up a bit. Their deflationary approach could be the answer to the inflationary woes creeping around the corner. For now, the platform is ready to show the market its capabilities following the completion of its presale event.

Originally published at https://www.cryptofolds.com on December 12, 2020.

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