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About Background

  • Binance Smart Chain compatibility. It’s now accessible through all wallets that support Binance Smart Chain.
  • The protocol has been officially audited and approved by the leading blockchain and crypto audit companies, Beosin and Certik.
  • The YEFI token has been listed on WBF Exchange and reached a high of 45 USD since the launch — achieving 6x growth in a month.
  • The YEFI token has been listed on Pancake Swap.
  • The YEFI token has been listed on MDEX.
  • The YEFI token has been listed on Bittrex.

The Team behind

YEFI Token Main Features

  1. Security: is a comprehensively audited DeFi platform. As such, it’s hard to suffer from a security breach.
  2. Cross-chain Compatibility: It assists in bridging decentralized data storage projects to DeFi through high-performance blockchains.
  3. Scalability: is evolving to become a comprehensive DeFi platform with a fully functioning lending & borrowing solution, DEX, and NFT tools coming up soon.
  4. Staking at no risk: There is no risk of impermanent loss — you can withdraw the original amount of the deposited assets when you decide to exit the protocol, regardless of whether the value of an asset has gone down.
  5. APY-boost mechanism: Interest earned is not necessarily related to the amount of money put in the staking pool. Users can also gain higher passive income through an APY-boost feature by referring new users to the platform.

Final Words



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