Hierocoin BAR: Evolution of the Music Industry Through Blockchain Technology

Features of the Hierocoin BAR

Staking and Incentives


Music Group

BAR Tokens in Circulation

BAR Token Distribution

Hierocoin’s Presale and Auditing

GameFi and Metaverse Integration


  • GameFi and Metaverse Integration: The project incorporates these two currently booming. Hierocoin aims to join this movement by hosting unique virtual world quests for hidden tokens. This feature should engage the increasing community of gamers in the cryptosphere.
  • Community Token: The Hierocoin team specifies that BAR is not a governance token like most DAOs use. Instead, it is a token by and for the Hierocoin community.
  • Secure: The project obtained a successful contract audit from the industry-leading auditor, Solidproof.


  • Based on Another Project: The token is based on Hieroglyphics, which could affect its price in the future as the crypto market is volatile.


Final Thoughts



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