How You Can Run Masternode to Earn Over 200% in Profits

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You may not believe this, but it’s true that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to earn big bucks in the crypto industry.

Until recently, the biggest investments in the cryptocurrency industry have been through mining and trading on various types of crypto exchanges. There is, however, a third way you can make money with cryptocurrencies, and both small scale and big scale investors are embracing it for its high profitability and high security of investments.

You can run a masternode on a cryptocurrency network and earn a profit by buying and locking away a required minimum amount in its native cryptocurrency. Blockchain networks are increasingly adopting the use of masternodes for their benefits to both the network and investors.

A masternode is a server that contains a full copy of a blockchain’s network and participates in the validation and confirmation of transactions. It also eases the load off of the miners’ back and helps to secure the network by keeping a complete and updated record of the blockchain transactions. is a PoW cryptocurrency and of the few that is specifically designed to profit not only the miners who process and validate transactions, but also investors who run and maintain masternodes as well as traders who transact with

Run a Masternode and Make Money with

Masternodes can be run by both small scale and enterprise investors, in a process similar to depositing cash in a bank and earning a profit from their investment. distributes its profit between Masternode investors and miners at 57% and 43%, respectively. An additional 6% goes to network developers or monthly dissolvent.

Masternodes in function as assistant servers, which enable the blockchain system to operate and process transactions. You can acquire a masternode by renting a server from a masternode hosting service at a monthly rental cost that ranges between $1 and $4.

One masternode requires a minimum deposit of 3,000 to run on’s blockchain. You would first need to acquire an wallet and deposit a little above 3,000, which you can buy from a cryptocurrency exchange.

1. Buying

There are more than five exchanges that has partnered with to enable you to buy using either a Visa or MasterCard seamlessly. These are HitBTC, BitForex, Bithumb GLOBAL CONSBIT CREX24, p2pb2b, Mercatox.

The current price of is around $ 0.177, which means your initial masternode investment would cost around $17,000. is also in talks with other exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Indodax, BitBay, and, and this will make buying even simpler and convenient.

Once you buy your, move them from the exchange to primary desktop wallet. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS operating systems, and you can download it for free from’s website.

2. Setting Up A Masternode

This part is a bit technical, and the best way to approach it if you are not an IT specialist is to seek out the services of a specialist. details the specifications needed and a step by step guide to set up your masternode, but it is still safe to have a professional handle the setting up process. This process links up your coins in the desktop wallet to the masternode and broadcasts the masternode to the network so you can start earning. recommends three Virtual Private Server SVPS providers who include OVHcloud,, and Amazon Web services.

6 Important Tips for Earning With Masternodes

1. Setting up a masternode is independent of geographical location. You can set up as many as you want to increase your chances of block rewards, as long as you have the minimum investment of

2. The 3,000 deposit gets locked by the system so that it can participate in staking and earn you a profit. You can also choose to forego the profit and unlock your deposit and trade it in one of the exchanges previously mentioned here.

This way, you become a seller to other willing buyers who are looking to become investors. This increases network activity, which raises the price of in the exchanges, as well as your profits.

3. has a network Explorer that you can use as a resource to track the network’s activity updates such as the number of active masternodes, network speed, and the number of circulating coins. is currently one of the most affordable masternode investments.

4. Within two years, the cryptocurrency has grown, and its road map for future plans holds even more promise. Getting in now is cheaper, as the requirements will change with the growth of the network and increase in use cases in the future.

5. If you don’t currently have the initial investment to run your masternode right now, there are other ways you can grow your investment. has collaborated with other masternood pool services, where you can sign up and start earning a share of their block rewards, proportionate to your investment. These services are StackofStake, Flits, Gentarioum, ZCore, and Simple Pos Pool.

6. also has an IQ wallet mobile wallet for both Android and iOS users. You can leverage its portability for use on the above mentioned pools or for trading on exchanges and making payments.

Verdict: Invest Now To Earn More with Future Developments

In May 2018, the price of was around $0.05. Till to date, its value has grown to $0.177, which is a 35% growth in less than two years.

Additionally, IQ has an impressive roadmap and a package for investors to support its growth. The current package for 500,000 or 12 BTC, is an investment for plan for:

  • Developing a mobile application for masternodes
  • Getting listed on various on more exchanges
  • Integrating payments on platforms like TradersFair, Millionaire Club, Millionaire Bazaar, and Master. Money

IQ cash recommends interested investors to email for further details or reach out directly on telegram.

Parting Shot is a lucrative investment and offers investors one of the safest ways to earn money with cryptocurrency. Additionally, the blockchain industry is growing, and more developers are adopting the use of masternodes to ease the pressure on the role of miners on their networks.

Masternode services are on the rise, and the more you can afford to run right now, the better your current and future block rewards will be.

Furthermore, the blockchain network is made stronger and more secure by how many active masternodes are running on its network. This is because it means there are more coins in circulation, which raises trading activity and consequently the value of that particular cryptocurrency and therefore it is a win win situation.

Once masternode services start getting higher demand, which is already substantial right now, people with masternodes or in well established masternode pools will be better positioned to earn more from their investments.

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