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5 min readJul 11, 2022

In the world of cryptocurrency, DeFi is short for decentralized finance. DeFi refers to the shift from traditional financial systems to peer-to-peer finance. This new paradigm offers numerous advantages over conventional approaches, including improved security, transparency, and inclusion.

More and more projects are trying to overcome the current limits of DeFi. ChangeX is one of the latest initiatives in this business.

What is the strategy of ChangeX to take over this growing market? And what are the team’s plans? We will answer all these questions in today’s review.

What Is ChangeX?

ChangeX aims to create a one-stop-shop for traders, stakers, and lenders. The project wants users of all levels to operate in the crypto world with safety features. The team has in mind a user-friendly portal that anyone can access through a smartphone.

The creators stated that they had developed viable blockchain-based solutions and had a good grasp of crypto and fintech enterprises.

Discovering the Team’s Vision

By producing a mobile-first experience app with a clear purpose, ChangeX wants to make cryptocurrencies accessible to the general public.

Users will be able to use many DeFi and CeFi products with only a single tap on the app’s interface. The system will also include traditional fiat banking features to complete the economic circle.

The team’s plans are evident: everyone, no matter their level of expertise, should be able to enter this industry.

ChangeX is among the first initiatives to build a system using Leveraged Staking that is open to everyone. In order to leverage the staked asset, which will after that act as collateral, the project will create customized margin positions.

Stablecoin lenders, stakers, and protocol block rewards will benefit from this leveraged staking system. The operation will unite all stakeholders in a comprehensive ecosystem which will aim to benefit everyone.

Available Conversions

Fiat-to-crypto conversions will be available in the app in very few clicks. Through the use of DeFi liquidity pools, the app will make it possible to buy cryptocurrencies in EUR and USD in seconds.

For example, the system may begin converting EUR to USDT using a well-known currency trading platform, while on a different platform USDT is swapped for HYDRA. The overall result of this operation will be the direct buying of HYDRA and other PoS assets with EUR, without the need for manual swaps or transfers.

Another aim of this project is to bring simplification to the market. Users would not need to create numerous exchange accounts to use the fiat conversion product.

Consequently, according to the team, the user would have access to the greatest amount of market liquidity. ChangeX will hunt for one with the lowest slippage threshold when searching for a platform to trade on.

Users can also trade cryptocurrencies using the finest rates on the market, as the team explained. In this case, the system would perform a crypto-to-crypto conversion with no fiat currencies involved.

The “Earn” Feature

This function will allow users to deposit idle stablecoin assets and earn a defined interest rate. The feature wishes to distribute the cryptocurrencies into a set of DeFi products offering:

  • Competitive liquidity mining operations.
  • Growth-inducing inflationary processes.

Crypto Debit Card and SEPA Banking Services

You may hold and stake assets in the ChangeX app while having quick access to them for day-to-day use.

The team assured that you might safely stake HYDRA and other PoS assets and spend them as you prefer. A Debit Card will be available to anyone wishing to spend crypto and fiat from ChangeX on anything — you will have to simply activate the asset you currently want to pay with.

ChangeX users will also have a personal IBAN with their non-custodial wallet (with SEPA functionality) that will allow them to interact with the entirety of the traditional financial infrastructure. These functionalities will be available when the team receives an EMI license to operate in the banking sector.

The CHANGE Token

The governance token for the ChangeX app is CHANGE. High APRs represent the main appeal to holders of this deflationary HRC20 token.

The project’s app connects staked inflationary assets to this new token.

In order to boost the token price, 30% of the app’s trading fees will go to a burn wallet. This mechanism brings deflation to the ecosystem.

Token holders will receive flexible pool income through the ChangeX app. The team wishes to have a fixed token supply and steady staking flows. In order to boost the APR, there will be a pool of 20 million tokens in the project’s initial phase.

Token holders have voting rights on new listings and the leveraged staking assets to incorporate into the project through CHANGE.

ChangeX Future Plans

The project’s founders have already completed several milestones in their plans, and they shared new targets for ChangeX. The ICO funding round has just ended, and the team will launch the HYDRA DEX liquidity event on July 19.

The third quarter of the year will increase the project’s token catalog. The team expects to support ten different tokens on ChangeX, a trend that will continue in Q4 2022.

Toward the end of the year, the team expects to announce features related to the world of fiat trading. Moving on, 2023 should begin with unveiling leveraged staking and earning functions. At this point, the lending features of the project should also go live.

Another important news for the team in 2023 will be, according to the official plans, obtaining the EMI license, but should be an EMI intermediary agent as soon as Q4 2022. Consequently, ChangeX should be able to offer SEPA banking services next year.

Key Takeaways

ChangeX is a project that wishes to make the cryptocurrency and DeFi world more accessible and more user-friendly to both novice and experienced users. The platform plans to offer various services, including trading, staking, DeFi lending, and fiat-to-crypto trading. Overall, the project looks promising and has an experienced team behind it.

Do you want to learn more about ChangeX? Visit its website or social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram).

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