Integrity Coin Introduces the Matrix to Wealth — A Comprehensive Review

About Integrity Coin

  • A cross-platform chat tool,
  • A payment platform,
  • An integrity foundation.

A Dedicated Messaging Tool for the Crypto Space

  • Displaying the user’s role, like administrator,
  • False groups will not be able to be created thanks to the system.
  • Owners of the group can decide who may join or cast a ballot.
  • Token holders are the only ones allowed to vote on a proposed project using a decentralized voting method.
  • The platform will host AMAs and community discussions.
  • The tool will feature a separate news feed with the most recent information from project owners.
  • There will be a dedicated FAQ page with quick and comprehensive answers to many issues.

Payment Platform

An Integrity Foundation

Introducing the INTEGRITY token

Distribution and Payments


  • Constant marketing efforts
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • Listing on various cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Launch of the payment platform
  • Establishment of an online store and buying platform
  • Building and release of the chat room feature
  • Constant burning of tokens manually




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