Integrity Coin Introduces the Matrix to Wealth — A Comprehensive Review

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Integrity Coin has made public its strategy for increasing wealth for both the token as well as its holders. The Integrity Coin team has extensive business and trading experience. The founders want to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and fiat by making this project well-known across the globe.

The concept utilizes a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency that pays holders in BUSD and operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. This review will give you an in-depth analysis of one of the newest coins in the world of cryptocurrencies; the Integrity coin.

About Integrity Coin

Launched in 2021, Integrity Coin is a relatively new crypto project that seeks to revolutionize the world of crypto as it is now. The project was initiated by three business and trading experts, Jono Kennedy, Harmeet Singh, and Prabhjot Singh Dunglay, who passed KYC verifications and pledged to participate in AMA conferences to raise the project’s dependability.

The team is relying on creativity, tenacity, and financial expertise to make this initiative a top choice in the cryptocurrency sector. They are creating several utility tools, which include:

  • A cross-platform chat tool,
  • A payment platform,
  • An integrity foundation.

The INTEGRITY token is a charity-focused Integrity Foundation utility that completes the project’s goal of giving back to the neighbourhood.

As a means of differentiating itself from the competition, Integrity Coin offers a few unique tools. Note that the concept has an avant-garde feel because of its top and relatively distinctive feature. The team refers to the project as a ground-breaking feature integrated into the smart chain contract that will provide 100% of the utility’s revenue to token holders.

Alternatively, the technology will collect utility-related earnings and distribute them to token holders. With the help of this functionality, the initiative will stop relying on the repurchase and burn processes that the majority of hyper-deflationary tokens employ. Additionally, there will not be any reflections in Integrity Coin’s BURN wallet.

A Dedicated Messaging Tool for the Crypto Space

This tool will offer a customized chat feature for the crypto industry to handle all present problems. Users will have a chance to access a unified interface that connects all messaging platforms as well as effortlessly provides needed answers, saving them from having to navigate through many online groups and platforms.

The following are a few of the chat tool’s unique features:

  • Displaying the user’s role, like administrator,
  • False groups will not be able to be created thanks to the system.
  • Owners of the group can decide who may join or cast a ballot.
  • Token holders are the only ones allowed to vote on a proposed project using a decentralized voting method.
  • The platform will host AMAs and community discussions.
  • The tool will feature a separate news feed with the most recent information from project owners.
  • There will be a dedicated FAQ page with quick and comprehensive answers to many issues.

Note that the team behind this project will buy back all the INTEGRITY tokens generated from this platform and burn them. It can also use the bought tokens to reward token holders.

Payment Platform

One of the most cutting-edge tools in the Integrity suite is a payment mechanism that enables users to utilize their crypto assets the same way they do their fiat money. This function will enable bitcoin purchases through internet retailers and other sources.

The payment platform will deduct only a small portion of the transaction fees. After that, it will reintegrate into the ecosystem and provide token holders with incentives. In addition, it will reduce the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat currencies and encourage consumers and businesses to adopt cryptocurrency more consistently.

An Integrity Foundation

Among the core values of Integrity Coin include charity and service for the advancement of humanity. To achieve this, the team shall allocate a wallet to charitable causes and solicit community input on which organization should receive the monies.

By occasionally trading a random portion of the coins within this wallet and paying investors with reflections, the company aims to express gratitude to project users.

Introducing the INTEGRITY token

The INTEGRITY token is a hyper-deflationary token based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. As a result, its value will steadily rise as its overall supply gradually drops. The anti-whale clauses in the project’s smart contract are numerous. For instance, the protocol will favor coin holders over individuals trying day trading.

The most significant feature is that token transfers will be tax-free. The team will use all of the reflections it receives to pay for the project’s marketing and development efforts. As a result, token owners will not be required to pay an additional tax to fund these efforts. Note that there will be a total of 1 quadrillion tokens available for the project.

Distribution and Payments

The development team will retain some INTEGRITY tokens and divide them between two wallets. The first wallet will cater to the project’s development efforts, and the other will support the team’s expenses, which include exchange liquidity, marketing, and other similar undertakings. Like other investors and token holders, the team will also hold individual wallets and receive incentives via reflections in distinct percentages.


Although the Integrity project was established in 2021, its conceptualization began in early 2022. In the first half of this year, the team created the project’s social media accounts and launched its official website. Currently, the project is in its second phase, whereby the team is planning the INTEGRITY token’s listing on PancakeSwap and its official release. The team is also planning to establish the Integrity Foundation and form partnerships to launch the payment platform.

The last two quarters of 2022 will see the team complete the following developmental efforts in the Integrity project:

  • Constant marketing efforts
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • Listing on various cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Launch of the payment platform
  • Establishment of an online store and buying platform
  • Building and release of the chat room feature
  • Constant burning of tokens manually

At the end of the year, interested parties can look forward to an updated roadmap for 2023.


Integrity Coin seeks to close the gap between crypto and fiat currencies for increased mainstream adoption. Although it still has a long way to go, its ambitious team is on the way to achieving this goal, thanks to its business and financial background.

Integrity Coin’s ambition to accomplish more than merely increase user wealth is one thing that sets it apart from other crypto projects of a similar nature. This initiative seeks to increase the openness and reliability of the cryptocurrency industry. For more information on this outstanding project, visit its official website and social media accounts: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Instagram.

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