Introducing Dragon Verse Finance: The Upcoming BSC Based P2E Gaming Network

The world of blockchain gaming has developed very fast since the start of 2021. Tens of projects have launched, each providing its own story and opportunity for investors. A new project, Dragon Verse, is also following the same route.

Dragon Verse Finance is an upcoming play-to-earn game based on the Binance smart chain. It introduces several features that will help gamers maximize their incomes. The platform’s goal is to follow the play-to-earn concept, where users reap benefits while playing games within its ecosystem. Dragon Verse combines three crypto concepts into one platform, Defi, Gamefi, and NFT. This guide looks into the game story and other features of this network.

The Game Story

The player enters the Dragon Verse World, home to hundreds of legendary dragons. These dragons live in different islands, with each island having many adventures daily.

There are two major gameplay systems adopted by the Dragonverse game, PvE and PvP. In PvP and PvE gaming, the player can generate rewards while defeating opponents. As players, you can use your pets to fight, grow, collect and earn money while playing this game.

The Dragon Verse Token (DRV)

The most vital asset of the ecosystem is the Dragon Verse token (DRV). DRV is a BEP 20 utility token that helps provide various services within the network. The major uses of the token include rewarding gamers, rewarding NFT stakes, and purchasing NFTs. It’s also an exchange token.

There is a total supply of 300 million DRV tokens. The token distribution also focuses on the long-term sustainability of the token.

After seeing the relevance of the token in the Dragon Verse game, it’s important to know how to purchase it. Here is a short guide on how to buy DRV on Pancakeswap;

  • Download Metamask wallet. For PC, you can use the chrome extension, but for android or Phone, get the app.
  • Select or add Binance Smart Chain
  • Ensure you get BNB in your Metamask wallet
  • Open Pancakeswap, link it with Metamask.
  • Set the Slippage tolerance to 6–7% and Swap the BNB for DRV
  • Buy: No tax
  • Sell: 6% [ 3% distribution to holders 3% add back to Liquidity Pool ]

Dragon NFTs

The dragons are NFTs. Gamers can purchase NFT boxes that contain NFTs. During the play, gamers can combine NFTs(dragons) to get higher-level NFTs. Once you have the highest level dragon, you don’t need to combine more NFTs. You can only start playing the Dragon Verse game after owning the NFTs.

Dragon Verse: The Team

The Dragon verse team has experts in different fields, all combining efforts to ensure the project succeeds. They include;

  • Brian is the Founder and CEO of the project. He boasts vast crypto knowledge and experience with blockchain.
  • Linda is the COO who also has some knowledge in crypto project management and operations.
  • Ellie takes the CMO position due to her expertise in community building
  • Gemma is the lead artist with vast knowledge in the creative field.
  • Vincent, the CGM, has deep knowledge of game software design.

Featured in Dragon Verse Ecosystem

Several features define the Dragon Verse Ecosystem. Among them include;

NFT Staking

The network allows gamers to stake Dragon NFTs and earn rewards in DRV. NFT staking will encourage gamers to collect the best dragons for rewards.

NFT Marketplace

Since there are many different Dragons, players can sell their Dragons on the marketplace. Moreover, you can get other better dragons in this marketplace.

Play To Earn

Of course, the most primary reason for the launch of Dragon Verse is to provide earning options. The NFTs and DRV tokens can all be a source of income for the players.

PVE and PVP Arenas

The PVE uses a story mode, which involves the gamers dragon fighting against the Dragon Dark Lord. PVP is where you play fighting another player. The one who destroys the opponent wins.


The network will ensure that the DRV token remains deflationary in the long term. It will be charging a 6% transaction tax and adding it to liquidity pools.

Characters, Inventory, and Maps

The game comes with a large group of characters, each possessing unique skills, and abilities. You can see some characters, backstories, and skills on the web page.

The game comes with a good inventory of weapons to help the dragons win. Some portions help give dragons fighting energy.

There are also different map settings to provide the best gaming experience. When writing this, the available map was spring forest. But, Volcano Land and Ice Continent were under development.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Dragon Verse

What are the benefits of gaming or investing in Dragon Verse? Here are the major pros;

  • Have fun while making incomes
  • Different game modes provided to enhance the gaming experience
  • NFT marketplace enhances the liquidity of Dragons
  • Audited platform to improve security. Dragon Verse was audited and cleared by Solidproof.

The project is still very new; hence identifying any drawbacks is not easy. The community on Twitter seems to appreciate the project vastly. However, before investing, please DYOR.

Final Word

After a thorough analysis of the project, it’s clear that Dragon Verse intends to provide opportunities for gamers. NFTs, the DRV token, and the various options will provide incomes if they work effectively.

They plan to release this game on mobile devices soon. Moreover, there are plans to launch a VR version of the Dragon Verse game in the first quarter of 2022. However, as an investor, you must research this project before investing. The social media channels below will help expand your knowledge of the project.


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Furthermore, Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site.



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