RunnerLand — An Endless Runner Game Leveraging the NFT Hype

What Is RunnerLand?

Three Distinctive Gameplay Modes

  • Adventure mode: The developers plan to include an adventure option in the game. Here players will be able to send their runners into the woods to battle various beasts.
  • Story mode: In story mode, the player selects a runner to control and proceeds through various environments, battling enemies and fulfilling objectives. After completing a chapter, players will receive $RLT as a prize. They will have the opportunity to play the game again after a 12-hour wait.
  • PvP mode: In the player-versus-player (PvP) game, gamers may win money and points for their victories. The points are essential for the monthly ranking, and the awards consist of monetary value and newly unlocked skill cards.

Getting Started with an NFT Runner

A Deep Dive Into RunnerLand’s Main Features

  • Sticker album: Players can collect runners to earn rewards in the game. The rewards for completing pages in the sticker album affect the game directly, with several advantages while you play.
  • Staking: The RunnerLand project offers a $RLT Staking that brings several benefits to its community. The more you stake, the more benefits you will have. These benefits include reducing withdrawal taxes and increasing your Daily Withdraw Limits. Additionally, you can also increase your Speed Power with Speed Power Bonuses.
  • Referral boost: Each player can invite up to 3 new members as a reference and enjoy Referral Boost benefits.
  • Marketplace: By using $BUSD, gamers can use the in-game NFT marketplace. The game charges a 12% tax to fund development and marketing operations. Furthermore, a part of this tax proceeds goes to the project’s repurchasing campaign.
  • War Shop: The War Shop is a store in RunnerLand where players can spend tokens from other projects to get Special Orbs. These Special Orbs help get new cards and items for their runner deck. The War Shop aims to give players a way to recycle their old project tokens.

Introducing Two Tokens in the Game

  • $RLT: The $RLT token, which stands for “RunnerLand Token,” is available either on PancakeSwap or as an in-game reward. You will encounter this token across all the gameplay modes of RunnerLand.
  • $LPT: $LPT stands for “Life Point Token,” which is the full name of the $LPT token. $LPT will be an off-chain token that players will initially use in the Adventure mode. In the future, the team plans to use it to pay rewards in other gameplay modes.
  • Reward pool: 92.34%
  • Marketing operations: 6.05%
  • Partners: 1.21%
  • Liquidity: 0.40%.

The Project’s Roadmap

Completed Operations

  • Game Concept: The team designed a challenging game with all its components.
  • Whitepaper: Covers all aspects of the game, from inception to release.
  • Social Media Marketing: Create posts and updates on various platforms to generate interest in the game.
  • Listing on CG and CMC: Ensure that the game reaches the broadest possible audience.
  • Token Launch: Used to finance the development and launch of RunnerLand.
  • Game Launch: Players can access the game through the Adventure Mode feature.

The Second Half of 2022

  • Story Mode: The team will introduce a new mode in the game where players have different tasks to complete in a storyline.
  • New Areas in Adventure Mode: The developers will enhance the adventure mode with more areas that the players will explore.
  • Launch of PVP mode: The PvP mode will allow players to compete against each other online.
  • Daily Events: The team will add daily events that will take place in-game. These events will give players the chance to win rewards.

Imagining the Future — The Team’s Plans for 2023

  • Ranking System: This is responsible for ranking players in the PvP tournament.
  • New Runner NFTs: The team will release newly minted Non-Fungible Tokens for more engagement of its community.
  • First PvP Tournament: This is the first ever PvP tournament on RunnerLand.

Final Thoughts



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