CryptoKings: The New NFT Market Player Initiating The Ultimate King Hunt

Lately, the mantra on everyone’s lips within the crypto space is NFTs. Understandably, investors want to get their hands on the rare collectibles circulating and booming beyond previous expectations. The CryptoKings project is among the young fish in the sea, offering an exciting experience hunting for your favorite King.

CryptoKings are 5,000 generative digital art collectibles produced algorithmically where users can find their favorite crypto kings. Some of them include Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee, Justin Sun, and, more interestingly, Satoshi.

Furthermore, as users grab their rare NFTs, they contribute directly to expanding the thriving NFTs industry.

Hopefully, the project is hoping for a successful launch of its NFTs sale set to begin on March 22 at 13.00 hrs UTC.

Understanding CryptoKings

CryptoKings are based on the ERC-721 standard, allowing users to appreciate famous crypto founders. The rarity will only come to light after the NFTs sale is over to encourage the pieces’ uniqueness.

To spike the excitement during the experience, the NFT will be customised by the system by randomly assigning five characteristics, including the background, head, body, items, and hat.

Advocating for A Fair NFT Sale

One such step is evident in the transaction limit set at 10 Kings per transaction. Furthermore, no one has an idea of what King they have purchased until the sale’s end. The ultimate reveal will be after a successful sell-out or after 21 days during the sale, depending on what event transpired first.

Users can take advantage of the above and the set prices between 0.1 ETH and 2 ETH to acquire their favorite King. If any Kings remain after 21 days, there will be a specific period set aside within the current price bracket to complete the sale.

The system will then assign each King a token ID after the token sale using the formula: (saleEndedBlock mod (𝜋 % 10) ) mod 10000 × 500 × 𝜋 ).

Spicing up The Process Further

To get more from the experience, find a creative name for your King to increase its scarcity. The more authentic the name, the higher the possibility to boost your King’s value; for this reason, no two kings should share a name. Additionally, all names should be alphanumeric, can be in any case, with a maximum of 30 characters.

As it stands, Satoshi holds the highest rarity, with only five available during the sale. Any lucky holder of the card will get a 1% reward of the total raised from the sale.

Lastly, make sure that you are careful as you embark on your hunt. The Ethereum smart contracts haven’t undergone any auditing. Therefore, exercise caution in your transactions and don’t forget to get the best out of your CryptoKings hunt.

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