LCX Terminal and Smart Order: Providing a Single Interface for Automated Multi-Exchange Crypto Trading

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Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange, LCX, brings together the best of a tokenization platform and legal infrastructure to provide an innovative product. Through its blockchain ecosystem, LCX seeks to give a fintech solution for both fiat and crypto industries.

One of LCX’s primary goals is to tokenize everything and provide innovative solutions for capital markets. In so doing, it helps bridge the gap between the traditional financial system and cryptocurrencies. As a result, LCX delivers a platform for professional investors to invest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The LCX blockchain ecosystem provides several products that help the platform achieve its goals. If you are building a nasdaq for crypto, you’ll need traders who are actively investing — that’s what LCX has already built with more than 50'000 pro traders. Second, you’ll need attractive assets to invest in (that’s what LCX is starting now, by launching compliant STOs worth hundreds of millions of dollars. And third, you’ll have a secondary market place which LCX will organically grow on top of that.

Here, we will analyse two of the current LCX products, the LCX Terminal and LCX Smart Order, and figure out what features they have in store for investors.

What is the LCX Terminal?

If you are a crypto enthusiast, then there are high chances that you use several platforms to trade your digital currencies. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had a single interface for all your trades?

The LCX Terminal is a platform that offers multi-exchange crypto trading. Through this terminal, you get to see all your significant crypto exchanges and use them through a single interface. The terminal supports over 5'000 trading pairs accross 15 of the major exchanges and offers 24/7 professional crypto trading to help you stay ahead of the markets.

LCX Terminal recently reached more than 50'000 active users and is growing rapidly. Crypto trading requires more than just the exchanges. You need access to crypto news, analytics, and reporting, all of which work to help you make the right trading decisions. The LCX Terminal allows you access to all these features in a single platform.

Features of the LCX Terminal

Multiple Exchanges

Instead of shifting from one exchange to another, the terminal helps you execute your trades in one single platform. You can compare different prices and details across various exchanges, all from one terminal.


Detailed analytics of your portfolio is essential to help you trade wisely. Thanks to the terminal’s dashboard, you get real-time insights into your entire asset portfolio, performance charts, audit reporting, and your full transaction history. The panel also lets you view your balances and open orders from any account.

News Desk

The terminal gathers the most relevant crypto and blockchain news and compiles them at the news desk. You get access to reliable news that is personalized to best suit your needs.

Professional Charts and Tradeviews

The terminal integrates technical analysis to make your work easier. You get access to a variety of tools that help you explore and analyze different crypto assets in the markets. Through these tools, you get to compare crypto markets, track your watchlist, and even discover arbitrage opportunities for better trading experience.

What is the LCX Smart Order?

The LCX Smart Order is an automated system for advanced cryptocurrency trading and is part of the LCX Terminal. The platform uses sophisticated algorithms to compare prices and liquidity across different exchanges. As a trader, you receive this data in real-time and get to execute your trades at the best price.

The Smart Order engine is part of the LCX terminal. It provides a diverse range of routing functionality to help you choose the best available options for placing your orders.

The LCX Smart Order engine consists of three sections:

  • Trading Pairs — This section gives you a list of all the pairs that are available for trading. These pairs are drawn from the multiple exchanges linked to your account. When using the engine, you will also choose whether you want to buy or sell from this section.
  • Charts & Listed Exchanges- This section gives you detailed analytics for the pair you chose. Say, for example, you chose BTC/ETH. The charts will help you view how the duo is currently performing in the crypto markets. Just below the charts, you will get to see all the exchanges that support the pair and that you can use for your trade.
  • Best Ask & Best Bid- The last section contains details for the best price for your trade. You get to view the best ask and bid prices for the trading pair you selected.

When using the Smart Order, you can also choose only to view the best available option. Since the process is automated, you will get to save time by choosing only the most viable option. Once you have placed an order, the engine will generate an order summary that contains all the necessary details. If for any reason, your order couldn’t be executed on any platform, the order summary will highlight the reason for this.

Key Features of the Smart Order

The entire engine functions automatically to offer the best crypto trading strategies. The LCX Smart Order offers simultaneous and sequential routing of all your orders.

Arbitrage trading is one of the best trading strategies for both crypto and financial markets. The Smart Order engine allows traders to access arbitrage opportunities by offering real-time rice indexing.

Though the engine, traders gain access to liquidity across multiple markets and exchanges. Once you are logged into your account, the engine offers data from all the markets and crypto exchanges linked to the account.

Signing Up for the LCX Terminal

Traders who would like to sign up for the terminal have a choice between two plans. The basic plan is free and allows traders to connect three exchange accounts. This plan comes with unlimited API connections, reporting & analysis, news desk, price alerts, and 24/7 portfolio monitoring. Traders also get to use the platform with no added fee for trading.

Traders who would love to participate in more active trading can sign up for the Pro-Trader account. For $290 or 2,900 LCX tokens per month, users get all the features available for the basic plan, with the advantage of connecting up to 15 exchange accounts.

Author’s Note

The LCX Terminal and Smart Order is an excellent platform for traders who use multi-exchanges. You get to view all your trades, across different exchanges through a single platform. The best part is that monitoring and routing of orders are automated, so you don’t always have to be on the lookout for changes in the price index.

Still not convinced of the platform? You can sign up for the basic plan, which is free, check out the platform’s features, and if it works for you, upgrade to the Pro Trader plan for advanced crypto trading.

Originally published at on June 21, 2020.

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