Meet CILIO Finance: A Next-Gen Bank for the People

Traditional banking is slow, inefficient, and all-around outdated, and these paper-based systems can hardly keep up with today’s smartphones-based economy. Today’s markets rely on digital transactions now more than ever, however the problem with this scenario is that despite advances in financial technology the current market still remains over-centralized. Sadly this often leaves investors on the short end of the stick in terms of profit shares.

Luckily, in recent years a growing number of creative and alternative options have become available to investors that disrupt and take the power away from central banks, with one of these being the recently released crypto lending and borrowing platform CILIO Finance.

What is CILIO Finance?

is a next-generation financial ecosystem designed to meet the needs of the digital economy. The platform includes features that simplify crypto lending and borrowing, in addition to making and receiving instant payments. Most noteworthy, however, is their high lending APY on coins such as CILIO Finance BTC that earn users interest daily and is paid straight into their account. Try pulling that off at your local bank-impossible!

What Problems Does CILIO Finance Solve?

Financial Freedom for All

CILIO Finance solves a multitude of problems currently in the market. For one, it provides banking services to the unbanked. Unlike a traditional bank account that requires you to come into a branch and jump through numerous regulatory hoops in order to borrow or deposit funds, CILIO Finance is open to just about anyone with an internet connection.

Crypto Lending & Borrowing, Simplified

While the number of crypto lend and borrow products is growing, one pain point that continues to persist is their often high barrier of entry. CILIO Finance provides a solution for this through its easy, all-in-one process: users simply lend their crypto to CILIO Finance, and the platform returns interest each day directly into the user’s lend account.

In addition to ETH and a number of stablecoins, CILIO also offers users the option to earn interest on their BTC holdings. With its easy-to-use interface, it only takes a few clicks to deposit your BTC and start earning daily interest in the form of USDT at attractive rates.

How Does CILIO Finance Work?

The CILIO concept is simplistic in nature. The platform allows anyone to deposit BTC, ETH, DAI, USDT, or USDC into a lending account, borrow USDT with BTC, and make instantaneous payments. Unlike a lot of the competition, there are never any time limits, hidden fees, or early withdrawal penalties.

Crypto Lending

The market is full of investors who hold crypto with no intention of selling it. For these investors, lending your crypto out is a smart way to make some extra crypto without the risks of trading. With CILIO Finance’s lending account, you can lend as much or as little of your crypto as you desire and enjoy daily interest payments to your account.

Crypto Borrowing

CILIO Finance also offers USDT borrowing at some of the most competitive rates in the market. The system provides instant approval, allowing users to use these borrowed funds to get started performing actions such as margin trading to help increase their ROI right away.

Instant Crypto Payments

The platform’s Instant Pay function allows users to send and receive funds between other CILIO Finance members globally in seconds. Another advantage of this feature is that there are no transaction fees to do so, making it completely free to exchange funds between friends and family within the platform.

Solid Security

The developers went to extreme lengths to ensure that the cryptocurrency stored within your CILIO Wallet remains safe, with help from the cybersecurity firm CYBAVO. The CYBAVO VAULT is a commercial-grade digital asset and management platform, presenting a comprehensive security design, offering a high level of protection, and combining a highly-secured private key vault with a strong access control and policy enforcement system.

High Flexibility

Users enjoy flexibility when they enter the CILIO Finance ecosystem. While many crypto lending and borrowing platforms require you to lock your crypto up for a certain amount of time, CILIO Finance eliminates this concern by removing lockups and allowing you to deposit or withdraw your holdings whenever you feel like it.

Lucrative Referral Program

CILIO Finance currently offers a referral bonus to users. If you invite a friend via your referral code, they create an account, and begin to make lending deposits, you can look forward to receiving 10% of their daily interest for as long as they keep the funds in their lending account. While many other referral programs can take up to a week before providing you profits, these rewards arrive in your wallet daily and there is no limit to the number of people you can invite.

How to Join CILIO

Joining CILIO is simple . The registration is easy and takes about five minutes to complete. You will only need your email and a password to set up an account, and once you confirm your email address and set up two-factor authentication, you are able to begin earning, borrowing, and paying with crypto on the CILIO Finance platform.

To get started, you will first need to add some funds to your main CILIO Wallet by selecting the ‘Deposit’ button for the coin you’d like to add from the Wallet page and using the supplied QR code or direct deposit address. Once your funds have arrived, it’s simply a matter of selecting the ‘Lend’ or ‘Borrow’ buttons from the dashboard and following the popup prompts, or visiting the dedicated Lend and Borrow pages.

CILIO Finance: Banking for the People

You have to hand it to CILIO Finance. This platform provides users with a huge amount of opportunity and flexibility. The fact that there are great interest rates, no lockups or withdrawal penalties, and you have the ability to earn interest on your BTC are just some of the reasons you can expect to hear a lot more of CILIO in the coming weeks. For now, interested users can for free to try out the platform for themselves or get in touch with the CILIO team on their or accounts.

Originally published at on September 15, 2020.

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