MEXC Joins The Turkish Philanthropy Funds and Ogem-Vak Foundation to Curb Wildfires in Turkey

MEXC Global is again initiating its social responsibility efforts to the community, extending its help to curb the recent wildfire incidents in Turkey. The exchange platform’s charity task force seeks to assist the Turkish forest fire situation during this disastrous time.

In July 2021, 60+ fires spread across 21 Turkish cities. Several areas, such as Manisa, Muğla, Adana, and Kayseri, continue to experience disastrous moments. According to the European Forest Fire Information System, about 160K hectares of land have been affected by the raging wildfires. The fire calamities continue to pile up as the country’s local authorities execute evacuation strategies for its citizens.

MEXC is on the frontline to support the wildfire survivors and yet again donating a substantial amount, this time through the Turkish Philanthropy Fund and the Ogem-Vak Foundation.

MEXC Joins Hands with The Turkish Philanthropy Funds

The campaign is almost hitting its target since the current amount raised stands at $185,000. TPF will partner with organizations like MEXC to send donations to places with an urgent need for funds. Essentially, survivors will be aided with food, shelter, fuel, clean water, and medicine. In addition, every donor, including MEXC Global, will receive a detailed report highlighting how the funds were used.

Ogem-Vak Foundation

A Highlight on MEXC’s Social Responsibility

Furthermore, the exchange extended its resources to assist inhabitants of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, by supplying food and clothing to flood victims in the province. Thus, MEXC is a top-notch exchange service provider and cares deeply about global prosperity.

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