MXC Exchange Rebrands to MEXC Global As Part of Its Globalization Strategy

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3 min readJun 10, 2021

The MXC Exchange officially rebranded to MEXC Global. The brand upgrade is a vital part of the exchange’s strategy to reach global adoption. The rebranding seeks to deepen the platform’s global compliance strategy and adapt to changing markets.

Since its launch in 2018, MEXC has been taking crypto to the next level with its unique platform that offers diverse crypto exchanging opportunities for investors worldwide. The rebranding follows up on efforts to expand to exchange communities in countries and regions such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, India, Turkey, Brazil, Africa etc.

MEXC Global, abbreviated as “MEXC,” has changed the official channels and products to MEXC related brand logos. The brand update is designed to help the exchange extend its reach globally, ensuring that every crypto investor has ample trading opportunities.

The Pursuit for Global Compliance

Since its inception, MEXC has continued to pursue its global compliance strategy. In 2019, the global trading platform successively obtained Estonian MTR and US MSB under the guidance of the Estonian regulatory agency and the U.S. regulatory agency FinCEN.

The Singapore-based crypto platform has since gone on to obtain Canadian MSB, Swiss VQF, and Australian compliance licenses, making it the exchange with the most global compliance licenses.

MEXC Global CEO John Chen Ju hailed the latest rebranding effort as an essential part of the exchange’s globalization strategy. He reiterated his firm’s commitment to continue adhering to the original intention of putting the user first and providing them with better crypto services.

The continued push to achieve global adoption has seen MEXC amass over 5 million monthly visitors from more than 200 countries and regions around the globe. The exchange supports over 850 coins and tokens in more markets than Binance, the world’s biggest bitcoin exchange.

The MEXC product platform supports English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Portuguese, and many other language regions.

To enhance its payments compliance, MEXC is cooperating with Simplex, a European compliant payment firm, and Banxa, a leading payment processing platform in Southeast Asia. The move will facilitate MEXC to directly purchase top cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC, through VISA and MasterCard cards in Euros or U.S. dollars.

The MEXC team is committed to expanding its digital asset services to multiple regions within the compliance framework permitted by law. As a global trading platform, MEXC is committed to expanding into the global crypto market as it seeks to take its place as the best exchange platform.

About MEXC Global

MEXC Global is a centralized crypto exchange with vast crypto-related services. The global platform has emerged on the top 10 crypto trading platforms that provide excellent digital-asset trading services in the crypto sphere, including futures, spot, derivatives, and margin trading. It also has other offerings, including an IEO Launchpad, DeFi, and PoS staking options.

MEXC users enjoy a user-friendly and reliable trading experience on the trading platform, which has a highly intuitive UI. The exchange offers a mobile and desktop app to help crypto traders access the services anywhere, anytime!

The Singapore-based exchange has its native MX token that actively participates in multiple trading pairs and will help in service provision. The token is currently trading at $0.8287 and has a market cap of $84,205,021, per data from the crypto ranking website coinmarketcap.

MX has been doing well in the crypto market and hit its all-time high of $2.9 on May 12, proving the token’s excellent prospects in the future. To learn more about the newly rebranded global exchange, please check out their social media links below:




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