Now Meta: Bringing a Diverse World of Blockchain Solutions

Every so often, new blockchain projects come up with unique innovations that shape the crypto world. The DeFi, particularly the NFT space, has been a reliable source of such projects. They go a long way in cementing blockchain’s and crypto’s position as one of the most disruptive technologies of the 21st century.

NowMeta $NMETA is an investment foundation that offers a broad range of products and services, covering a wide array of the blockchain space. On offer are gaming services, learning opportunities, and investment solutions covering metaverses and the internet at large.

Based on the Binance Smart Chain, it has a mission of diversifying entrepreneurial opportunities and creating a fire trade market via leveraging key partners. Users of NowMeta can control their data, digital identity, the content they learn, and investment solutions.

The World of Products and Solutions on Offer

Diverse Gaming Studio

NowMeta is a blockchain platform that merges finance and gaming. It creates the ability to earn while enjoying a game. It will even be available on mobile and PC. Users will augment their reality while enjoying virtual reality headgears such as Oculus.

In addition, student users will learn coding to develop and launch their games. It will create a self-sustaining gaming atmosphere where new games are available regularly within the platform’s community.

Diverse Training Modules

NowMeta boasts of a wide-ranging training module. Interested students get to learn web development 3.0, which is highly sourced. Users can also learn how to create NFTs and Metaverse 101, where lessons on its development and learning are suitable for all ages. Where finance is a problem for students, NowMeta’s charity program produces grants as a credible solution. The grants are available for learners in the fields of their choosing.

A Rewarding Award Show

The NowMeta Impact Award Show has the sole purpose of highlighting the NowMeta community’s top talents who have the highest impact. The show’s recognition covers all fields available in NowMeta. As a reliable way of showing appreciation, both individual creators and companies from within and outside the metaverse will be recognized.

Impressive Runway Earning Opportunities

Users will have the opportunity to participate in the fashion industry, a reserve for quite a few who have connections. The NowMeta community will have the chance to create avatar wearables for models who participate in the Runway. It will be an opportunity for artists to earn 24/7 from the wearables they create.

Diverse Earning Opportunities for Coin Holders

Investors can earn from staking their holdings in liquidity pools. The platform will further advance its staking opportunities to create a way to earn a stable income. Investors will also access networking portals whose impact will be profound on the quality of their investment activities. The aim is to increase earnings per holdings.

The NowMeta gaming platform comes with a play-as-you-earn built-in feature. It is an incentive to investors and consumers of the organization’s products to continue holding their tokens.

Diverse Expertise, Training, and Development Talent Pool

Holders of NowMeta can reach out to experts for high-level training and development. The experts will be part of the community and from all fields that the project offers services. From creators to entrepreneurs, angel investors, creators, gaming code specialists, and artists, all will be in NowMeta. Such a diverse pool allows for identifying issues and solutions within the community.

To provide an enabling environment for experts, the project has factored in innovation boosting in its tokenomics. 4% of transaction costs will go to the NowMeta future vault. The vault will then issue loans and grants to the diverse expert pool and bright minds, both from within and outside the metaverse.

Cross-chain Exchange Platform

Also in the works is a cross-chain exchange platform called MetaSwap. The exchange will enable cross metaverse coin swapping on all metaverse platforms available.

Once online, MetaSwap will create what will undoubtedly be the strongest Meta-ecosystem. The ecosystem will be powered by and compatible with the Binance and Ethereum blockchain ecosystems. NowMeta’s Binance Smart Chain base will allow for super-fast, secure, and transparent transactions on MetaSwap.

Author’s Note

NowMeta is without a doubt promising to offer a whole world of blockchain products, services, and solutions. Such an ability is rare in the blockchain world, where most new projects are largely specialized.

From broad gaming opportunities to diverse training modules covering a wide array of features to Runway, NowMeta has a broad basket of goods. Its coins’ holders have a good number of ways to earn. The platform’s community comprises a vast pool of expertise to develop, train, and run projects.

When its cross-chain exchange is added, the project becomes a leader in diversity within the blockchain world. NowMeta is worth investors’, creators’, learners’, and other users’ attention.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Furthermore, Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site. Trading cryptocurencies is a highly risky activity that can lead to major losses. You should consult your financial advisor before making any decision.



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