NURITOPIA Presents Its Transformational Metaverse For Social Dating

The Foundation of the NURITOPIA Ecosystem

A Deep Dive Into the NBLU Token

  1. Ecosystem (39%): NURITOPIA’s ecosystem consists of its users, developers, and merchants. Developers can create applications and integrations on the platform, and merchants can sell products and services. This creates a rich environment where users can find everything they need in one place.
  2. Strategic partners (14%): NURITOPIA plans to partner with several companies to help it grow and expand.
  3. Business operation (10.75%): The company has a team of experienced professionals who deeply understand the metaverse market. They wish to build the best product possible and provide value to their users.
  4. Marketing campaigns (10%): NURITOPIA is investing in marketing campaigns that will introduce the platform to a large audience.
  5. Team (10%): The team is passionate about their project and brings various skills to the table. They have extensive experience in the field and are committed to making NURITOPIA the best it can be.
  6. Participants in the ecosystem (8.25%): Nuritopia is a metaverse world with diverse services to be provided through collaboration with NuriFlex affiliates, ensuring best user experience.
  7. Sales (8%): NURITOPIA is reserving a part of tokens to a fundamental pillar in its ecosystem, represented by sales operations.




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