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4 min readDec 31, 2021


OnlyCam is a new project aiming to change the average business model of the adult entertainment industry.

This NSFW business famously suffers from several factors that generally complicate the lives of professionals in the area. For example, consider how social media heavily ban and censor provocative content even when its purpose is not openly sexual.

The platform brings a censorship-free blockchain network where creators and performers can have more control over their content and career development. Social media bans are not the only issue in the industry, and this review will provide more details on how OnlyCam expects to gain the market’s confidence.

What is OnlyCam?

OnlyCam aims to build a new blockchain-based way of working in the adult entertainment sector. Professionals working in the industry face, with a certain frequency, a series of issues, such as:

Social media censorship

Many of the major social media platforms have stringent censorship policies, leading many creators and professionals to receive a ban from these websites. While many public protests against social networks are gaining popularity, as of today, we do not know whether these policies will change.

Absence of copyright

Professionals and creators in this industry often see their content copyright requests being denied. The natural consequence of this issue is content creators cannot actually sell their digital work, preventing artists from collecting sale revenues or royalties.

Lack of competition among payment companies

Since many major payment systems generally prefer not to work in the adult entertainment industry, the market is left to minor companies. By taking advantage of this mechanism, these entities typically require high fees for each transaction.

High intermediary fees

Getting rid of the so-called “middle man” is something that blockchain technology is trying to do in many industries. Giant adult film companies have enough power on the market to charge consumers high prices and give back to professionals only a tiny part of the revenue.

OnlyCam features

Having specified the common issues of the industry, one can more easily understand the business proposal designed by OnlyCam’s project team. In particular, the initiative possesses the following features:

A censorship-free ecosystem

The system excludes any form of censorship and user ban. The idea behind the project is to let professionals promote their content and career development.

Empowering professionals through NFTs

NFTs are one of the hottest topics in the blockchain industry, and OnlyCam creators expect to use this technology to solve the lack of copyright issue on the market. Each digital content produced on OnlyCam can be minted into an NFT, effectively proving its authenticity. Therefore, creators will be able to obtain royalties and sale income on their content.

A new liquidity system

The $ONLY token, as we will see shortly, is the solution proposed by OnlyCam to get rid of small payment companies in the NSFW industry. Small gas fees of the system substitute the typically high transaction taxes.

An intermediary-free network

OnlyCam proposes a system where adult content creators and actors can manage their own work, revenues, and distribution. Consequently, the system excludes the idea of a “middle man” who handles most of the artists’ income and career.

OnlyCam tokenomics

$ONLY is a token operating on the BSC system, with no gas fee and fast transaction execution. The general tokenomic flow of the system works as follows:

  1. Rewarding holders: 2% of each transaction on OnlyCam goes to token holders
  2. Liquidity stability: another 2% is sent directly to the system liquidity pool
  3. Content creators: finally, content creators will receive 1% of the transactions-

The $ONLY token will have a limited supply of 1 billion samples, and 55% of the pre-sale liquidity amount will be locked away for five years. Locking away liquidity is generally seen by the market as an additional level of guarantee on the seriousness of a blockchain project.

The platforms composing the ecosystem

The project team expects to launch a series of platforms that, together, will constitute OnlyCam’s ecosystem:

  1. Only.Cam: a streaming (on the main portal) and multi-streaming (on dozens of affiliated websites) platform for adult creators
  2. the NFT marketplace of the ecosystem, where adult content collectors will be able to purchase artwork
  3. the portal where the $ONLY transactions will happen
  4. to promote the initiative, will be a merchandise e-commerce platform
  5. adult content collectors will be able to purchase exclusive content made by the content creators they prefer

Final thoughts

Learning the issues that adult content creators and performers need to face to work makes it easy to understand how OnlyCam is a very ambitious project. The NSFW industry is another example of how the world is planning to use blockchain technology to avoid working through intermediaries.

The OnlyCam ecosystem is undergoing its initial development phase. However, the promises of the project team are clear and, if the final goal is achieved, the adult industry may really benefit from it.

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