PancakePoll Review: The Focus on Decentralized Voting

PancakePoll is a coin platform based on Binance Smart Chain that focuses on decentralized voting. The network allows users to discover the best crypto projects in voting, earning, and creating. Notably, the top-voted projects will stand out from the rest and unlock new features.

Users can stake NFTs and earn free tokens. PancakePoll also has NFT games that will be incorporated into its ecosystem, with one of them dubbed DuckArmy. The game is a play-to-earn NFT game that rewards its users by distributing rewards in PPOLL, BNB, and others. If a user holds PPOLL tokens, the project can still reward them a small amount each time a PPOLL transaction happens.

PancakePoll will launch a second token, QUACK, next month on PinkSale. There are 500 slots for the presale whitelist, whereby those listed will be the only ones who can participate in the coming presale.

PancakePoll Features

NFT Market

Users will be able to create and sell their NFTs on the Marketplace. You can purchase NFTs using five cryptocurrencies: PPOLL, QUACK, WBNB, USDT, BUSD. Users can use two simple ways: Fixed Price Sale and Offer to Buy.

As the name suggests, the Fixed Price Sale is fixed by the seller. The price does not change, and you have to get the NFT for that set price. The other option is the offer to buy. Here, users make a price proposal to the seller and buy the NFT at their price.

NFT Earn

There are several ways of earning money on the platform. The methods include hatching, NFT gain EXP, NFT level upgrade, and NFT staking pool.


Experience Point (EXP) is a “power” of one’s NFT and a tool that assists them in boosting your NFT and earning more cryptocurrency. The first way to get EXP is to promote using DUSK. By collecting a sufficient amount of the most pumped NFTs of a certain level, users can swap NFTs from the first five levels for NFTs from the following level.

NFT Level Upgrade

Users can also upgrade NFTs. They must collect a certain number of NFT with a maximum Exp for each NFT. Furthermore, Users can upgrade DuckArmy NFTs only after being unstaked from the NFT Staking Pool.

NFT Staking Pool

Duck NFTs can get staked in the NFT Staking Pool. The total EXP staked in the pool determines the daily distribution of QUACK tokens in the NFT staking pool. The project will issue the greater the number of Experience Points staked in the pool, the more PPOLL/QUACK tokens.

Swap Integration with Major DEX

Users will soon swap tokens directly from their wallets. The swap will combine data from decentralized exchange aggregators, professional market makers, and individual DEX. All this information will ensure the users get excellent and fair swap services.

Vote and Burn

At PancakePoll, there are deflationary mechanisms in place that include:

  • The Buy Vote feature will be 100% sent to the dead address.
  • 25% of all the purchases in GameFi are used for token burning.
  • 10% of QUACK/PPOLL from NFT Sales Revenue


DuckArmy is a P2E NFT game designed for users looking for a fun gaming experience. Duck Army is powered by PancakePoll.

Based on the Binance Smart Chain, the game will work with web3 wallets such as MetaMask. The DuckArmy NFT will be the game’s most crucial component, and users will have the opportunity to join in. DuckArmy will be user-owned NFTs issued by the ERC-721 standard. As with regular transfers, such NFTs can be traded on Marketplace or sent to another wallet.

DuckArmy NFT World Benefits to PancakePoll

New Users

At present, GameFi is on the rise, attracting hundreds of thousands of users daily, resulting in much more traffic to PancakePoll.

Utility for PPOLL token

With PPOLL being the primary token in the game, this stimulates demand, potentially increasing its value and trading volume.

More PPOLL Holders

To get a high chance of winning, they need to have a certain amount of PPOLL tokens.

New Burning Mechanisms

PancakePoll will set a portion of every purchase made on the DuckArmy NFT platform aside for burning, adding another layer of burning mechanisms for the PPOLL token. Moreover, any sales of such NFTs on Marketplace will be subject to a 1% royalty fee. PancakePoll will use this commission to burn.

Increased Traffic & Trading Volume on NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace allows the sale of both Egg and Duck. In turn, this may boost the volume of trading.

Token Details

PancakePoll has two tokens, PPOLL and QUACK. The PPOLL coin powers the PancakePoll ecosystem. Users can earn PPOLL from Egg Farms and Milk Pools, win it in events, or buy it on the exchange before exploring its applications. The use cases range from staking, yielding, and voting.

PancakePoll ensured the PPOLL tokens mints when it created the token. PPOLL burns in two ways; 100% of every buy vote made on the platform and 50% of ads spent on the forum.

Meanwhile, the QUACK token presale is coming soon on PinkSale. There is currently a presale whitelist that users can join. Of the 500 slots available, 250 participants will be those with the highest number of entries, while the project will select the others randomly. The presale rate will be1BNB for 600,000 QUACK. The soft cap is set at 200 BNB while the hard cap is 400 BNB. Users’ minimum contribution will be 0.1 BNB, while the maximum contribution is 1 BNB per slot.

Final Thoughts

PancakePoll enters the market with several important goals. Users have the opportunity to interact with the project via voting. They can purchase votes for their favorite initiatives, propelling them to the top of the list. DuckArmy, a play-to-earn NFT game, is also integrated into PancakePoll. Players get rewarded in QUACK, PPOLL, BNB, and other tokens. The move promises, among other things, more PPOLL holders, new burning methods, higher traffic, and more users.

The initiative’s online network expands on Telegram, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and Website. The team typically announces the most recent updates on the project’s progress through these channels.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Furthermore, Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site. Trading cryptocurrencies is a highly risky activity that can lead to major losses. You should consult your financial advisor before making any decision.



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