PlutusSwap, The Revolutionary Defi, Driving Financial Liberation and Empowerment

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The year 2020 has witnessed unprecedented growth in Decentralized finance (Defi). According to Defi Pulse, the Total Value Locked in Defi stood at$ 13 Billion as of 18 September 2020. The figure will further increase buttressed by the yield farming that is gaining in popularity. From the sights, the future is all bright for those keen on the financial sector’s evolution. Still, access remains a pipe dream to the majority whom Defi seeks to serve. Many projects have come up with innovations promising to open up space to the masses only to turn a cropper.

However, this situation is about to change thanks to PlutusSwap, the new kid on Defi’s block that promises to transform the financial sector as we know it radically. It stresses on the accommodation of the majority disenfranchised by the traditional financial systems. What then is PlutusSwap, and what are its offerings to the market? Come with me as we explore this revolutionary product opening the next frontier in decentralized finance.

Unpacking PlutusSwap

The yPTL is PlutusSwap’s governance token and runs on ERC 20 blockchain. However, it will migrate to its own Plutus Chain network that is in testing in 2021. The platform emphasizes its community, which holds sway in the ecosystem’s management. Further, the Plutus Lending App serves its users.

Production Of yPLT

The other 10% is for presale and raising liquidity required for Uniswaps listing. Plutus will burn reserves from the presale and initial liquidity’. The mining will proceed in these five stages:

  • Genesis Mining: 100 yPTL/block, Total 50,000 Blocks (~7 days)
  • Stage 1: 10 yPTL/Block, total 5,000,000 Blocks (~1.9 years)
  • Stage 2: 5 yPTL/Block, total5,000,000 Blocks, (~1.9 years)
  • Stage 3: 2.5 yPTL/Block, total 5,000,000 Blocks (~1.years)
  • Stage 4: 1.25 yPTL/Block, total 5,000,000 Blocks (~1.9 years)

10 Compelling Reasons For Choosing PlutusSwap over the rest

The force behind it

Built on a Robust Community

Affordable Access

Low Market Capitalization

Reducing Mining Rewards

Burning of the Reserves

Locked Liquidity

Fantastic APY

Negating Impermanent Loss

Integration Of Plutus Capital App

Originally published at on October 17, 2020.

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