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3 min readMay 16, 2022

RodeoCoin is a hyper-deflationary token running on Binance Smart Chain seeking to reward its active users with BUSD reflection rewards. The project’s ultimate goal is to build a Community Wallet supporting the western lifestyle and community-oriented initiatives, including promoting talents in art, sports, and music.

This short RodeoCoin review looks closely at one of the most recent projects to surface in the market. Read on to discover its features, tokenomics, and roadmap!

What is RodeoCoin?

RodeoCoin evolved from a group of people passionate about the western lifestyle and seeking to celebrate it through modern technology. With this in mind, they developed a blockchain-based project supporting farming, ranching, agricultural, and Western heritage communities.

Today, the project aims to attract investors whose blockchain activity through the RodeoCoin protocol can help its purpose. The investors are encouraged to obtain and hold $RODEOCOIN tokens, earning them $BUSD reflection rewards.

Interested investors can use any eligible wallet to hold RodeoCoin tokens and automatically receive 4% in $BUSD rewards on every BUY transaction. Moreover, they get 5% in $BUSD rewards from every SELL transaction. Lastly, they can perform wallet-to-wallet transactions without paying any fees.

RodeoCoin Tokenomics

The $RODEOCOIN tokenomics are community-oriented, with important chunks of every transaction going to the community wallet. The project will use these funds to give back to the community through several initiatives. More precisely, the team aims to distribute them to organizations in need in communities across the country and worldwide.

The initial distribution of the RodeoCoin tokens is as follows:

  • 60% — Presale
  • 20% — Locked up for future CEX listing
  • 5% — Future Airdrop campaign
  • 15% — Development team

Here’s the distribution of transaction fees on BUY and SELL operations:

Of Every Buy

  • 4% goes to the Community
  • 2% goes to Liquidity
  • 4% reaches all token holders in $BUSD

Of Every Sell

  • 5% goes to the Community
  • 2% goes to Liquidity
  • 5% reaches all token holders in $BUSD
  • 2% burns to meet the token’s hyper-deflationary purpose

RodeoCoin Roadmap

According to the project’s roadmap, RodeoCoin has already completed the first phase of its development. This included early investment for liquidity, developing the token, and obtaining an audit for its smart contract. Additionally, the team managed to list $RODEOCOIN on PancakeSwap and amass 500 liquidity pre-sale token holders. Lastly, the project attracted the support of over 1,000 Telegram members.

Currently, RodeoCoin is in the second phase of its development, which involves:

  • Token Fair Launch
  • Reaching 10,000 Token Holders
  • Attracting Sponsorships & Endorsements
  • Raising $10,000 in Community Contributions
  • Ethereum/UNISWAP Launch
  • CoinGecko Listing

The RodeoCoin roadmap includes three other development phases with plans to obtain listings on major centralized exchanges. Furthermore, the team aims to develop proprietary Crowdsourcing and API tools as it grows its community to over 100,000 members.

Final Thoughts

RodeoCoin stands out from other hyper-deflationary tokens through its community-oriented purpose. The project aims to replace traditional marketing with philanthropy, which should attract like-minded, good-intended investors. By becoming token holders, they will not only gain $BUSD rewards, but they can contribute to supporting community causes. As the official website puts it, “RodeoCoin holders will become a de facto decentralized management team.”

In the long run, RodeoCoin aims to have a global reach through its tokenomics and sponsorships. To this end, it seeks to support larger projects with an even more significant impact on communities in need. This way, the token should surpass its initial celebratory role of the Western lifestyle and influence beyond it. The team plans to support musicians, artists, and athletes through community-sponsored projects.

For more information about RodeoCoin, please follow the links below:

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